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Y’all ready for this, san diego?? now sushi will have your favorite specialty rolls to indulge on when you want your sushi fix. the best part? it all goes towards saving animal lives and our oceans.
all inspired by the amazing @kenshovegansushi
#vegan #vegansushi #plantbased #savetheoceans #endanimalcruelty #nowsushi #saveouroceans #compassion #sushi #nowcafe #fortheanimals #thetimeisnow

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silence presses in coating the world in a haze, numbness accompanies the stillness of our world. we sit waiting, watching, never stirring. the ticking of the clock turns into a blur, rushing past faster and faster until…it ceases to continue.
we sit quietly allowing the world to go by. seconds stream past in an endless flow slowly adding up to minutes, days, years. every one of those moments that rush past us are irreversible. once they slip past they are gone forever, the only proof of their existence are the faint impressions they make on our mind. yet even though the clock ticks on, always continuing on its steady march, we sit quietly, watching the horizon. 
what are we waiting for? what is it that we think will happen? time is flowing past, the breeze blows and we do not feel it, the clock is ticking yet we do not hear it. life is happening before our very eyes and we do not realize it.
our time is now, it started the moment we were born. we cannot wait for our time to come, if we do we will be waiting for eternity. if you think you will come to a moment in your life when you are ready to start something you are lying to yourself. we are never ready. life will move on even if we are not ready. we have to make the effort to life, we have to choose to start something. 
time stands still for no man. 
we are given a short amount of time on this earth. every moment that passes is gone forever, when you reach the end of your time will you regret that moments you allowed to slip past? will you regret waiting…waiting for nothing? 
live. live your life! turn your back on the horizon and on the clock. your time is now. we do not have the leisure to wait until we are ready. we must be ready now. start living. enjoy what you are doing and race after your goals. when we come to the end i firmly believe we will not regret what we have done, we will only regret the things we didn’t do. take those opportunities, get up and do something, take a chance, risk it all, live your life to the fullest.
this is your time, make the most of it, before its too late.

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In less than 2 weeks this space will be filled with a new crossfit community. us 4 may be the team introducing the first crossfit affiliate to our beloved seminole heights community, but it will be all of you who will define crossfit big guava and it’s meaning of community, commitment, and the constant hunger to improve in every aspect of your lives, every single day. we are so excited to embark on this new journey, and be your new “home away from home.”
let’s do this!🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼.

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