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Just two weeks away from halloween 👻 . my bar cart is just one of the areas of my home that i’ve decorated a little spooky. 😄 #liketkit #ltkhome #ltkstyletip .home

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Friendship is... 🎃
1. love! ❤️
2. real ✔️
3. encouraging 💕
4. accountability 👯‍♀️
5. non-competitive 🍁
6. prayer 🙏🏼
7. sharpening☝🏼
8. laughter😝
9. not perfect and forgiving!🤗
10. something to thank god for! it’s rare, unique; beautifully sewn by the creator! ❤️
tag a bestie, girl squad, sister you’d carve pumpkins with (and encourage her!!!) - s/o to my sweet girl @divinastennfeld love you sister 🍁🍂🎃👇🏼 #mydarlingdiary

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Anyone else live out of their vehicle? .
i finally cleaned out the old staging items, teddy bear crumbs and random tools from what the guys call my "tickle trunk" and i feel like a free woman 😂
there's something about getting organized that makes my ❤️ happy lol! .
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Breathe. let go. trust. the universe has your back. it’s all happening in divine order. ✨

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Wie jedes spiel ist auch das leben irgendwann einmal vorbei.
ist dir das bewusst? ich meine.. ist dir das wirklich bewusst?
mein ziel ist es nicht dir angst zu machen - viel mehr dir bewusst zu machen, dass das leben ein geschenk ist.
ein geschenk, das ausgepackt und erlebt werden möchte. .
doch leben wir häufig im autopilot.. jeden tag die gleichen routinen, wir freuen uns am wochenende. wir bezahlen unsere rechnungen und versuchen zu überleben. .
versuch doch regelmäßig mal auszubrechen und etwas neues zu machen.
geh raus. play the game!
>> wann hast du das letzte mal etwas zum ersten mal getan?
erzähle uns davon 😊🙏

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Have you ever hidden your emotions from god?
spent time in prayer acting like everything was fine while you’re actually broken to pieces?
as a classic emotion-stuffer, this is me to a t. i often feel like my problems couldn’t possibly be worth bothering the creator of the universe, so instead i stick to the “fluff” prayers for myself, and leave my deep prayers for the needs of others.
this past weekend at #authenticconference, heather palacios {@wondherful} spoke on being honest with god. she talked about how it’s okay to ask god “why” when we’re in a less-than-ideal situation. while jesus was praying in the garden of gethsemane, he said “father, if you are willing, take this cup of agony away from me,” praying with such intense agony that “his sweat became drops of blood” {luke 22:42, 44}. in our own moments of intense agony - in our moments or seasons of “why” - is god the first one we turn to? or do we treat him like a friend who receives the answer of “i’m good” when you really want to say “i’m a mess.”
you see, god is never going to be shocked or burdened by our emotions or our struggles.
he’s never going to be offended if you ask him why he put you in a specific situation.
personally, i’ve felt like i’ve been hit by one “why” season after another, and it wasn’t until heather’s message that i realized that i have never once been truly honest with god through these seasons. sure, i’d ask him for joy or peace or patience to endure what i was going through, but true honesty? nope.
from now on, i’m challenging myself to an honest relationship with god. challenging myself to live out 1 peter 5:7 and cast all my cares on him.
and i hope that you will do the same.

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Today i want you to give it all you’ve got and celebrate every small success you’ve had! 🙌🎊💪 comment below if you are

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Exhale doubt. 💞

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Alright...where are my morning people at?!? ☀️ mid october this mom needs tips! we were doing so well with our morning routine and getting my oldest off to kindergarten but lately it feels like we just can’t get going! i have to admit that i struggle to wake up early but i really, really, really want to be a morning person! help me out, friends, what works for you?! i also don’t drink coffee, so there’s that. 😂 ☕️ -this piece is 24x24” and available!

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Cutest lil smile.

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Hey y’all! 🙋🏻 thai red curry with eggplant and sweet peppers is profile linked! 😚 after all that apple cider making this weekend, i think i’m finally settling into fall. it’s a favorite season, but i’m not yet on the pumpkin 🚂... how are you feeling about pumpkins and fall? i’m still pickling peppers and beets🙈 and roasting tomatoes in between apple picking .. i guess pumpkin can wait for now! 🙋🏻 sending my best for a beautiful tuesday! i’ll see you at the blog! ❤️ traci .
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Does anyone else feel emotionally wrecked every tuesday after watching this is us?! 🙋🏼‍♀️if i’m gonna go down, i might as well look and feel good doing it. i’ll be remaking this diy honey face mask tonight before i watch because its my favorite and so simple to make: 1 tbsp raw honey and 3 drops of lavender essential oil. leave it on for 20-30 minutes and rinse off. follow it up with the honey hydration cream from @cobalt.honey and you’ll be glowing (even if your heart hurts). check out my stories for the benefits of using honey and why i love this cream! #istylediy

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Fall break fun! .
what are you up to today?

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Fingers crossed that i never need their services, but i do really like my mug.

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