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In the blue of evening #thatcastleseries

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Cinco pollitos y una ternera #thatcastleseries

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Letting it go #thatcastleseries

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Which one is better? #wishes? #happilyeverafter? interesting debate. visually speaking, happily ever after is way better, hands down. the music, on the other hand, has a serious attempt to catch up with the show's magic, and it does it at the very end. wishes on the other hand, a classic in its own right, appealed profoundly to the crowd's emotions. that's the main difference. many cried, over and over again with wishes, which cannot compete visually with the new show and yet evoked the best in everyone's hearts, at least for 20 minutes. #imho, it's the emotions and the narrative that makes all the difference. #thatcastleseries

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Taxation without representation. two taxes i don't get: property taxes and sales tax (added value tax in other countries). #unrelatedcaption #upfordebate #keynesianeconomics #taxlaw #monetarypolicy #nerdatheart #canwegetseriouspoliticsagainandnotthisrussiancollusioncrapthankyouandsorrynotsorry? #statelevelpolicy #federalgovermentshenanigans #thatcastleseries

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Nel blu dipinto di blu #thatcastleseries

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Any given night #thatcastleseries #whpgetaway

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That castle series #thatcastleseries

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