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Happy new year everyone!😌💥 wishing you best year ahead✨ and don’t forget the past, learn from it😏

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I know it’s been more than a week since 2018 started... but what can i say... thank you 2017. ☺️ i was so fortunate enough to get to travel all across the world almost every month. i had of course some major ups and downs but again, what a great year 2017 was... i started off 2018 right underneath the super moon halos in washington, listening to my favorite music from bernstein, waking up to the gorgeous ocean view from a house on a cliff where hummingbirds stop by to greet us in the morning. ☺️ i’ve really got a great feeling about 2018 as it’s already been magical and i’m really grateful🙏 遅ばせながら、2018年明けましておめでとうございます☺️ 2017年は、本当に学びの年でした。2018年はワシントンでスーパームーンの月暈をみてbernsteinを聴きながら始まり、崖の上のお家から波もない静かな海をみて、ハチドリの赤ちゃんが朝は挨拶にきて。。2018年楽しみだな☺️今年は沢山考えたら、きちんと言葉にしていきたい。ときめいて、常に好奇心を持って過ごそう。大人になるって最高に楽しい🙏
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A big “thank you” kiss to 2017.
a big “welcome” kiss to 2018! •

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Thankful for everything that happened in 2017, good and bad, because i know in my heart that it all happened for a reason, so i could grow and learn and my soul could blossom. so i could be the person i am today, so similar to the one i was a year ago yet so different. and whatever awaits me this year, i want to welcome it with grace, so that next year i can be a wiser, more loving, better version of myself. looking back, my heart is filled with gratitude 🙏🏻 ❤️

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2017 was unbelievable! i’ve learned so much, i’ve experienced so much. i’ve grown so much.
#thankyou2017 for everything, #welcome2018 let’s do this craziness again! 💪🏼💙

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