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You know the " if kisses were snowflakes, i'd send you blizzard" quote you said a while back hooman? well...i'm not sure if i'm a fan of the literal version...

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Can’t wait to be back in iceland this month chasing the green skies w/ @j.snow_photo and @paullynchmd πŸ’š
special thanks to @h0rdur for showing me this epic waterfall in the highlands

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Golden glory.
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photo by © :@lennart
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Any fish in there suki?! 😸🐟

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Ice castle

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Who’s enjoying the winter vibes lately?
photo by @__mrs__f
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Beam of fall

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Did you know? weddell seals typically only make these vocalisations to communicate while underwater, although on rare occasions they’ll also make these eerie sounds while hauled out on the ice.

credits: @johnbozinov.

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