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They allowed their best tennis to come out of themselves today! come out & join us! @tdouglasbodis @tammy_scher @andrew_saal @michieee333 #weddingtontennis #tennislesson #tenniscoaching #studiocity #harvardwestlake

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Credit: @laurzashley
different strokes for different folks? sure. but as a coach, i want my players (who aren’t world class athletes) to have efficient technique that won’t break down under pressure. sloane stephens has one of the best forehands in the world, but i’d rather have my students copy @laurzashley or li na when it comes to the size of the backswing.

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If you’re determined to learn the “prestretch” forehand, here’s what to do:
1. get rid of your death grip...a looser grip will help you. .
2. after you take the racket back, drop your racket to the side of your hand rather than behind your hand (make sure your strings are facing down)
3. near the bottom of the drop begin moving your hand forehand and allow the head of the racket to move back simultaneously (the loose grip allows the weight of the racket to accomplish this step naturally)
4. swing up and through contact.

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