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#scandalous stuff going on here 😂 can you name the year and the end result of this game? . tag a friend who needs to see this 😋😅 . ⏩follow @tennisequipgermany for more videos⏪ . 🌍check out bio link if you are tired of losing games🌍 repost from @baselinehighlights

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"lobwedge" - love this comment 😆😆😆! tag a friend who could never ever play such a #dropshot 😂👋✌ . ⏩follow @tennisequipgermany for more videos⏪ . 🌍check out bio link  for prof. tennis instructuons🌎 . repost from @tennistv

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Check out @mrpaire’s method to prevent german #1 under 14 max rehberg from swinging at the net and to keep his elbows up front. looks stupid, however it is very efficient. - #tennis #tenniscoaching #tennisvolley

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#perfect- nothing more to say 😍😍 . tag a friend that loves the #goat just like we do 🤗 . ⏩follow @tennisequipgermany for epic content⏪

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I love this kind of "behind the scenes" videos, because it gives the chance to see what these great players do in their training. if you see how loose #roger is during his shots, it gets a little bit more clear why he is able to produce these huge shots so effortlessly 😊😍😍 . tag a friend who loves the goat 😎 . ⏩follow @tennisequipgermany for epic content⏪ . video by @epirus_london

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Why would you every destroy your racket? 😁 . tag a friend who loves the goat 😎 . ⏩follow @tennisequipgermany for epic content⏪ . video by @baselinehighlights

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This shot is just out of this world 😃 tag a mate who could also execute this one 👌👌 thx @stef_bojic for the video 😊

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Real tips from real players: “it doesn’t always have to be push-ups and squats.” check out this great way to up the intensity in your backboard drills and tell us your favorite way to train away from the court! (📽: @millennialfitdad ) #usta #playforlife #tennistraining #tennisdrills #tennistips #tenniscoaching #tennis #instatennis #instasports

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Each stage is important for our young ones. amazing work and energy from this group. cone catching is a great simulation for a normal rally. #thetennisacademy #tenniscoaching #lovetennis🎾 #tennisrally #hardcourt #minitennis #redtennisgroup #headtennis_official #redball #playinggames #mininet

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All smiles at the tennis academy, limassol. our main aim at this stage is to get kids to enjoy being on a tennis court. @thisislimassol @allaboutlimassol_official @limassol ife @limassol #thetennisacademy #miniredtennis #minicourt #lovetennis🎾 #tenniscoaching #tennis #smile #tennisracket #welovetennis🎾 #headtennis_official

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Tennis is love and tennis is a sport that desires one to be highly skilled to be a good tennis player or coach #tennislife #tenniscoach #tenniscoaching #like4like #follow4follow #instagram #speelmantennis

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Almost too much praise for andy dowsett’s system-9: mini red boom being released this friday!! see what the experts say about the book: #minired #kidstennis #tenniseducation #tenniscoach #tenniscoaching

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A great break in the middle of a 12hr work day to have a tennis coaching session. completely takes me out of my work zone & into a free space to connect with both my physical body & fun side. what do you do in your day that might help give you this break & this space? i would love to know. 😊😍

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This is a great circuit workout that incorporates the entire body .it is especially important for tennis players and athletic training. یک زنجیره تمرین عالی برای درگیر کردن کل بدن که برای بدنسازی و به خصوص بدنسازی تنیس مناسبه👌👌 👍🏼💪🏼💪🏼🎾🎾#tennisgym #tennisbody #tennistrx#tenniscrossfit#tennisbodybuilding#tennisfan#tenniscoaching#tennistraining#gym#trx#crossfit

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