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Together @sandy_mcfarland and i have lost almost 80 lbs!

we’ve both dropped several clothing sizes!

you too could be down 30 lbs by christmas!

don’t put off taking care of your health!

get healthy before the holidays get here! dm me!

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How awesome to spend time with @the.jeannette.walls today before her keynote for usf women in leadership and philanthropy. her book did a little better than mine 😉but that’s ok - girls who grow up in the sticks and get to be writers against all odds have to cheer for each other. can’t wait to read her next great novel. #usfwlp #writers #books #chaseyourdreams #resillience #tellyourstory

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My characters: "what's a trap?!"
me: "nothing, nothing at all. carry on." characters: "but you said--"
me: "no i didn't..."
also, i'm teaching myself typewriter repair!
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Come on out to (no mic) open mic night tomorrow with @cathedralparkarts (@make_repost )
we have so much fun at our #openmicnights! some might argue too much fun...but that’s for you to decide. ☺️ join us tomorrow from 6-8pm @cathedralparkmusic! light snacks and good company provided. #openmic #openmicnight #sing #play #share #tellyourstory #community #buildingcommunity #engagingcommunity #performingarts #cathedralparkarts #stjohnspdx

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Fall = football! i love seeing my clients enjoying their freshman year. kenzie has definitely found her school spirit at @bayloruniversity. go bears! who are you cheering for this season? .
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We are each in a different place. don’t judge yourself so harshly, dear friend. the only measure we need to concern ourselves with is the measure of daily obedience to the lord. he’s the only one who knows your path, your timing, your needs, your level of endurance. let him be your only guide and leave the comparisons behind. ✨

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Yes, even family. sometimes, especially family. if it happened to you, it is yours to tell. period.
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Truth be told, i never thought that i would be an entrepreneur. heck, i didn’t even know that i could be an entrepreneur - despite the fact that i come from a family of starters and makers and writers, many of whom have built sustainable and successful small (and large) businesses of their own.⠀

the idea simply never crossed my mind. honestly, i never thought that i had ambition. i thought i was, well, a little vanilla.⠀

in fact, i used to pride myself on being “simple.” and by “simple,” i mean a little boring and without a real story to tell. i thought that my life would follow a series of predictable and altogether “normal” steps: get married, have 2.5 kids, buy the house with the white picket fence… you know the drill. what more could i ask for?⠀

this is where my intuition whispers: what about passion, katie? what about a career that means freedom on every level? what about a day-to-day life that makes your heart beat with purpose? what more could you ask for? how about a life that lights you up?!⠀

thank goodness i listened.⠀

next week on the podcast, @nishalovesstories shares about the moment when she decided to claim the title of "entrepreneur."⠀

for each of us, the moment when we truly claim the title - whether we resonate with the word "entrepreneur" or prefer "small business owner" or "starter" - is a powerful shift in ownership. for some of us, it comes just as we start our businesses. for others, it might come years into running our own thing. either way, there's a moment when we decide to sit firmly in the driver's seat and own our role.⠀

what was the moment when you claimed the role of entrepreneur/ceo/leader/small business owner? i'm sharing mine in the comments!

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We have so much fun at our #openmicnights! some might argue too much fun...but that’s for you to decide. ☺️ join us tomorrow from 6-8pm @cathedralparkmusic! light snacks and good company provided. #openmic #openmicnight #sing #play #share #tellyourstory #community #buildingcommunity #engagingcommunity #performingarts #cathedralparkarts #stjohnspdx

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