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Alittle over a year ago i opened up vivid a salon by @dvcolour with a bang!

i was still in construction when i first opened my doors, with know colour team. just passion and a vision.
there were so many bumps that had me up all night in tears.
salon ran out of hot water every day for over a week. the water was freezing cold it was torture for our hands i couldn’t imagine the scalps of our clients.
the tanks couldn’t handle the amount of usage.
our plumbing would clog and over flow.
on the hottest summer day our air conditioner broke, we would run out of towels, product. i had know front desk team, i had some construction changes, and had to re construct while operating the salon. my mirrors broke.
we had system crashes with the schedule, and transferring over clients to my new system was a catastrophe.
i showed up every day and believed in my vision.
with fully booked 6 months in advance schedule a wait list of clients wanting to get in. i had no hands, no colour team assistants or front of house. i needed to develop this all.
ohhhhhh was this a journey. as i started developing my first colourist
i than started to realized teaching my blends and executing my vision to my level of perfection will not be as easy,
i didn’t open a salon for easy, i opened a salon to develop a culture and extend my passion and help artist reach their greatest potential.
i train all colourist stylist and assistants who enter my floor i put a lot of time into developing their craft, in all avenues of the business.
if you give you get back.
watching how my team has grew has been the best reward of my life.
i would do the endless nights and cry the tears all over again. i have so many more visions i can’t wait untill they all come to life!

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Jesteście #team pies czy kot? 🐶🐱 #friends

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Q u e e r 🌈
is een parapluterm voor alles wat niet hetero- of cis-normatief is. 💡
#jemeid #team #q***r #queercouple #nonbinary #thisiswhattranslookslike #partner #loveislove 📸: @adriaan.du.toit

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@gatebil_official what a major event to have the privilege of attending #rudskogen track is immense... i couldn’t have done it without the huge efforts from @martindriftrichards 😘 @driftworks @monsterenergy @drivenracingoil and my family, i manage to get out and enjoy some epic sessions until my gearbox said no!!! buuuttt still sent it in the #powerslide competition in second and had an epic time, meeting new friends and having a blast with the @monsterenergy team.
thank you so much @gatebil_official for having us, thank you to all of the media guys and track marshall’s.
i now know why this is one of the worlds famous, most enjoyable events on the summer calendar.
until next year 👊
now to regroup and onto my next adventure 🤙💪 @monsterarmy #aerokit @_wisefab_ @workwheelsjapan @nardi_personal #driftworks #monsterenergy #dw33
huge thanks to @wiebke_langebeck for this wicked shot 😘📸

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|| we’re not fluent in italian yet but we are fluent in pizza and that’s pretty much the same thing🍕♥️
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Perdooooonenme! 😭😩 este post era para ponerlo ayer y se me pasó!!! y es que siempre los fines de semana se me antoja comer algo fresquito y tropical 🌴... si eres de mi #team entonces este platillo qué haces en menos de 10 minutos es para ti!!
#sashimi de #atún 🐟
1️⃣corta el medallón de atún en láminas delgadas (tip: debe estar un poquito congelado aún para que sea más fácil cortarlo)
2️⃣ baña las láminas con 3 cdas de salsa de soya baja en sodio + el jugo de media naranja + jugo de un limón limón
3️⃣ deja reposar por 5 mins
4️⃣ decora con literal lo que encuentres en el refri; yo le puse pimiento morón amarillo, aguacate y chile en hojuelas, pero puedes ponerle mango y pepino o alcaparras y ajonjolí... no se arriésgate! que los mejores platillos nacen cuando menos los planeamos!! 5️⃣ acompaña con salmas o tostadas horneadas 🤤
6️⃣ enjoy ✨ •

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Shaadi karke 3-4 aise khoonkhaar bachche paida karuga ki saare padosiyo ka jeena haraam kar de😂😂🤣.
. .
. .

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