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Da ist es ja das mohnbild ✨ das war echt eine aktion. wir müssten da durch das feld stiefeln, hatten sau viele krabbeltiere & alles hat gejuckt & weil das nicht reicht, hat es dann noch angefangen zu regnen 🤷🏼‍♀️ #messybun #poppyfields #tattoos #plugs #summer #sun #flowers

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A piece from my mirror flash, adapted to all black with patterns added, for sheena! 🖤✋🏻🤚🏻🖤 we also touched up an adapted, all black with patterns added, swimmer flash from last year. sheena has had severe allergic reactions to color inks in the past but hopes to get color tattoos in the future, so we also did a small color swatch to see if there are colors that won’t cause a reaction! [side note: i wasn’t clear in my stories a few weeks ago but, in general, free color swatches are for people with non-white or non-light skin who wonder how colors will heal with their skin tone. colors look fairly true to what’s in the bottle on light skin. in this instance we did a color swatch for allergy purposes, not healing purposes.] made at @daydreamtattoo.

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Baby, i just snack with her - you’re the main course

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