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Here are all the things that are new to my wardrobe from the past little while. normally i do a refresh for my capsule every season, and this winter i saved it for all of the sales. it’s part ethical, part thrifted, part fast fashion (nope, i’m not perfect!) regardless of where it’s from, these are all high quality pieces i plan on keeping in my wardrobe for years to come.
what i got:
- basic tees from @aritzia to replace old, worn ones
- animal print top (thrifted)
- knit sweater from @aritzia (just could not resist the gold colour of this one)
- @emerson_fry car coat to replace my old black pea coat (bought on sale, my first big ethical investment piece)
- long black wool coat (a hand-me-down from my mom over the holidays)
- camel wool coat (vintage off depop)
- @veja sneakers to replace my old worn converse ones (which i’m also not sure i can bear to part with just yet!)
- a pair of @allbirds (received as a gift from my family for christmas)
it looks like a lot, but compared to a couple of years ago, my habits have drastically improved. i am buying far less than i used to, and with more intention. i think i’m good for coats for a while, though 😂 now it’s time to do some decluttering and list what i’m not wearing so much on my depop!
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Love of mi life! can’t wait 2 get back 2 tour witchu 🛸 chi & ny see u so soon! ps our store @thegvshop is having a sale for the rest of the month 🥳 get some glittery things while u can!

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I år skal jeg shoppe mindre og bli flinkere til å bruke det jeg har. som dere kanskje har sett, så har jeg fått skikkelig sansen for brodering og syns det er en så fin måte å bringe helt nytt liv og verdi til et plagg. ikke bare er det en flott teknikk til å fornye, men også repare hull og feil i brukte klær og strikk. håper jeg kan inspirere flere til det samme 👆🏻

this year i am on a journey to buy less, waste less and to use what i already have. a great way to keep me from shopping is to renew/repair/reinvent my clothes. embroidery is a great way to start 👆🏻
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Tomorrow, 1/18, we will be releasing a small collection that we can’t wait to share with you all! the adelaide skirt will be available in black and rust. we will also be releasing two new dresses! #sistersoftheblackmoon #sotbm #comingsoon #linenskirt #fullskirt #handmadeinaustin #slowfashion #sustainablefashion #supporthandmade

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Here are the new items in our “laboratory” that will not be listed for sale and i am sometimes more happy for them than for those items which manage to see the daylight. in nowadays consumerism era where companies are copying designs and ideas and bringing them to their market as quickly as possible (weekly or even daily) and as much of them as possible there is no place for quality. the manufacturing speed is unprecedented with really no respect to the future customer and even for the most conscious customers it is still hard not to lose themselves in that shuffle. i really do not think that a single item can meet quality standards without being able to pass quality tests and other trial procedures and believe me it really takes time! to tell the truth, even the most beautiful item that you sometimes invision in your head can be postponed for the future seasons only just because you respect your customer and do not want to fool him or her by offering the product which is negotiable. we are really not fast drivers as we understand what speed can do.

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Day to night outfit 3: today’s outfits are not as experimental as my previous ones, but sometimes i think a classic look is the way to go! for the day outfit i’ve layered a black turtleneck underneath the jumpsuit and threw on a cozy hooded cardigan paired with my winter boots. swipe over to the evening for a much more classic, monochromatic look with a pop of colour at my feet! these two styles are quite different in terms of “edginess” but amazingly are styled with the same jumpsuit base! .
swipe to see from day to night 👉🏼

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I only dye with freshly foraged and harvested plants, sometimes with dried ditto. i don’t use extracts or plants grown on the other side of the earth. to me the whole process, from living plant to living colours, is as important as the outcome. to me dyeing with locally foraged plants and plants grown in my garden makes sense in a frugal, earth-connecting and life affirming kind of way. the colours tells me something about the plants and my local environment in a language of chemistry, which my eyes makes sense of in form of colour. nature may be more silent at winter, but it never quietens entirely. nature always speaks in colours.

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Freitag, 18.01.2019🎁|| (anzeige/gewinnspiel)
ladies & gent's it's shopping time!

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und so einfach geht es:

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viel glück und viel spaß!
das gewinnspiel endet am montag, den 21.01.2019 um 00:00 uhr
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