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πŸ”₯ this girl is on fire πŸ”₯ #sunriseswim @theo_fcs #myswimpro

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Another amazing sunrise swim today with these fabulously festive friends.
portobello was looking mighty fine this morning, the pavements were slick with ice, the sand crunchy with frost and the air a very nippy 0c. water measured at 5.1c.

the sea was calm and pink, gentle waves near the shore and a wonderful show of light from the sky to watch while we had a lovely, lazy swim. also nice to get a photo of the rowers who we often see at this time in the morning too. so much wonderful sea to enjoy!

i especially enjoyed a delicious full scottish breakfast at cafe miro’s afterwards and a shower in the swimming pool, a bit of a change from my usual getting dressed in the beach, blissful start to the day!
swimming every day from 1-24th december to raise money for @mindcharity link in the biog.


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As planned - up for sunrise this morning! the sunrise here is right on the ocean, which made for the perfect morning swim πŸŒ…βœ¨

i’m usually a morning person (although i’ve been more on island time here πŸ˜…πŸŒ΄). when i’m on holiday, i love waking up extra early to enjoy more of the day β˜€οΈ what about you all? ☺️


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Take a deep breathe in, we are almost at the eclipse - the colours of sunrise reflected off the skin of model/ muse @anthea_page πŸ“· @katrienaemmanuel #sunriseswim #riseup #divedeep #solareclipse

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Sunrise fun with the incredible @jessicaemilyquinn last week! this inspiring woman swapped her leg for a prosthetic after facing bone cancer head-on at just 9 years old. ‘

i've always thought that those who face intense hardship are bestowed with the gift of deep empathy for others. i met jess at the beginning of this year and she really solidified that for me. she is a big campaigner for addressing our current generations battle with body image and subsequently mental health. if you jump over onto her gram @jessicaemilyquinn , you can read more about her petition that could see a law passed to help tackle this issue. ‘

this could easily be viewed as a non-issue to a lot of people. personally would love for my babies to grow up in a world where they appreciate and respect their bodies for what they do and not what they look like. if people cared less about things they can't change physically, then maybe they would have the headspace and energy to care more about things they can change. (read: reduce plastic waste, care for our oceans, eat less meat etc etc) ‘

give the petition sign and come back here to chuck me a virtual high five πŸ–πŸΌ ‘

hollah to jess for inspiring positive change. keep doin' what you doin'. ‘

thus concludes my tri-monthly long caption. back to one-liners and emojis. bai.

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Crushin’ on the home pool. #sunriseswim #zerofilter #fighton

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