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Trailrunning life👌
in washington with @ivuss
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It’s really interesting to think back to the last time i was over here in nz and australia. it wasn’t “pre-instagram” per se... but 6 years ago it was rare that i’d log onto this app more than twice a week let alone post on a regular basis... there were no stories, no collaborations, no one following along but friends and family. i think my account may have even been private.
a lot has changed since then... i can’t speak for everyone but i do know that my relationship with instagram has shifted the way i am present with my travels. i catch myself more and more feeling “the pressure” to get photos/videos wherever i go where in the past i would have just snapped a quick photo if the moment suited... i also find myself caring more about what those photos look like... and what i look like in them... or how i look in general.
i can’t say i have any sort of solid solution at the moment... hell, maybe there’s not really even a problem! what i do know though is that sometimes it feels like there is a lot of pressure to be on and available all the time and i’m navigating my relationship with boundaries around that.
maybe that’s why i’ve barely taken any photos this trip... maybe that’s why i’ve always been drawn to shooting with my gopro over learning a more “professional” camera... maybe, in some small way, it’s all been my act of defiance.. maybe i can do this without getting lost in it. maybe... just maybe...

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The perfect view⛰
photo by @wilderness_addict
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At yosemite national park✨
photo by @britttten
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Endless roads through alberta 🏔wilderness tones explorer @driftingphoto

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Long weekend adventures🙏
photo by @kiraleesmith_

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Racing towards the weekend 📸
#dogsthathike #friyay #happypuppy

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Gone fishin’
by: @catlin_carter

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A perfect ending to a perfect say at the beautiful soča river. yesterday we spent the whole day scouting new trails in the soča valley and for the big finale casted a few times in soča only to catch a big trout. .

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