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Good night 😍🔥
photo by @yaelaheart ❤️

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Finished up back day with heavy rack pulls that felt soooooo good!
gym staff yelling over the intercom “the gym is closing in 5 minutes so finish what you’re doing” as i’m taking my post workout selfie 😅😂 sorry 🤷🏻‍♀️
anyways happy monday fit fam! hope you’re already crushing the week 💪🏼 new week = new opportunity to make each day a success, whatever that means to you 🙌🏼

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Slimthick ⏳

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Just a couple of sun puppies ☀️

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I want it, i got it ✨

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Didn’t have the best deadlift session today which hasn’t happened in a long time but i’m trying not to be disappointed 😩 have to keep going strong even when you have a bad day 🙌🏼
happy friday fit fam!

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Full peachy 🍑 leg day comin’ at ya 👊🏼
you’re gonna wanna save this one for later 🙌🏼 (don’t forget to like 💛)
i’ve been switching up my workout routine and boyyyy have i been leaving the gym sweaty 💦
it’s been tough but the endorphin rush afterwards makes it worth it ;)
i’ve been adding 20 mins of incline walk on the treadmill before,
followed by 45 mins weight training,
and then following with 15 more mins cardio or a circuit that’s gonna get my heart rate up.

i like leaving the gym feeling like i’ve put in my all - and this new routine definitely does that!! if you need help on your fitness journey or just a switch up of your routine, my guides are always linked in my bio💕 i do my slim thicc workouts allll the time! they’re so easy to follow in the @aflete app

this workout is done in supersets. each vid is a superset:
1️⃣overhead squat w/plate x15
2️⃣side lunges w/plate x12 each side
3️⃣supermen x15
4️⃣deadlift + squat x20 (10 each)
5️⃣sumo deadlift x12
6️⃣reverse hyper x15
7️⃣bicycles x30
8️⃣butt raises x20
9️⃣step ups x20 (10 each leg)
leggings are @gymshark @gymshark women
top is @doyoueven

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