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it’s chill in bed and fuzzy socks kinda day.

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Would you rather be seen or be heard?
be flattered or be respected?
be a leader when it’s hard, or be a victim when it’s easy?

while there’s nothing wrong with any of the above, and there’s no saying we can’t meet somewhere in the middle, our choices are often motivated by outside approval.
the need to be noticed, praised, approved of.
only taking ownership or standing up when it’s deemed socially acceptable.
criticizing our every move, wondering what others might think. —
what if every choice you made was a reflection of you, and not what others wanted you to be?

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”when my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than i”... psalm 61:2 #heavensgate

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Lake brienz 🗻

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Happy birthday to @taylorswift (and me)🎂!!

here’s a recap of some fav moments (and obvi the pictures i look the best and my friends look the worst. it is my birthday after all!)

that time i was in a wildflower patch, in front of an alpine lake, in front of fairytale castle that sat upon some mountains

that time t. swift totally tried to steal the spotlight from my own selfie @taylorswift

that time i went 1000ft under ground and didn’t have a panic attack •
that time we didn’t sleep for 5 days

that time you decided to be my neighbor and we haven’t stopped laughing since @vthomason1986
that time i decided i didn’t need no man and went on a 8 day solo trip

that time we were cliche, drank too much froze’, and i realized y’all two were here to stay 💜 @littlebeautifulmanbaby @drew_meekins
that time david rose said “i don’t know how to fold broken cheese like that” @instadanlevy

that time it poured rain on us @troyesivan and these two thought florals for the bloom tour would be an original look @davidcbrasher @joshuaasmason
if you made it down this far, go get a life, loser 😉 thank you everyone for making this year one of growth and support!
xoxo 💋

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