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Saturday shelfie inspiration. 💘🍉✨ . i’m going to be doing some mini reviews on products i’ve just picked up recently that are either new or repurchases! . 🌟 i tested out the @tan_luxe tanning water on my décolletage the other day and i absolutely love it! i have to play around with the face drops more before i can give a definitive review on it. 🌹 i’m so glad i picked up the @mariobadescu facial spray again because i’ve really enjoyed misting my face throughout the day with it! 🍒 the @theouai rose hair and body oil has been absolutely amazing for use right after the shower while my skin is a little damp. i haven’t tested it out in my hair yet as i’ve been head over heels with their hair specific oil, but i’m sure it’ll b**w me out of the water as all of their products have done so! can we take a moment to appreciate how beautiful this looks on my shelf as well? 🥥 let’s take a moment to appreciate how amazing @urbanoutfitters lait de coco handcream smells. i’m going to be picking up the candle and edp really soon. i can tell their entire perfume range is going to end up in my cabinet really soon! they just need to restock oud sahara and citron glacé already! 😭 . have you guys tested out any of the mentioned products? let me know if you have. also let me know if you’d be interested in a dedicated @glossier solution review. it’s definitely been a hit or miss product for a lot of people, so i’d love to share my results with it so far! 💕 . . . #itgtopshelfie #vanities #millenialpink #glossier #olehenriksen #ouai #skincareregime #skincarediary #skincarelover #skincareblogger #olehenriksen #discoverunder10k #skincareroutine #beautycare #beautygram #instaskincare #igbeauty #skinsta #kbeauty

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So excited to kick off our first “founders q&a” session soon! head over to @glowrecipe and ask us anything 👋🏼 we’ll be online from 4-5pm est!

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@ctilburymakeup post is finally live, loves! i reviewed all of the products from her line that i’ve tried. as always, the link in my bio is how you can check it out! hope you love it and comment down below with your favorite charlotte tilbury product! 💗 . . . . . #wakeupandmakeup #baroque #makeupmafia #makeupmess #makeupmob #glossyskin #luminousskin #glowingskin #flatlaystyle #glowyskin #glowingskincare #glowingmakeup #makeupblog #makeupartist #mua #skincareblogger #luxurybeauty #luxurymakeup #minimalmakeup #beautyflatlay #productphotography #charlottetilbury #pursuepretty #35mm #wonderglow

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My friday night consists of drinking a ton of water, doing skincare, and watching bob’s burgers. i didn’t sleep enough last night and i could see it in my face all day long. here’s what i used to try and brighten things up: @jordansamuelskin the aftershow treatment cleanser—gotta get off the pound of under-eye concealer somehow, am i right? @sisleyparisusa facial mask with linden blossom—i’ve been hoarding what little is left in here. for brightening, soothing, and evening skin tone there is no better mask. @biodermausa hydrabio lait*—i’ve been using this as a second cleanse at night (which it’s great for), but am almost out of my morning cleanser, so i might go ahead and put this in my shower and grab the lait u by @biologique_recherche_usa . @biologique_recherche_usa lotion p50 v + oligo-proteines marines serum @cosrx light ampule* serum—focusing on finishing this up. it’s not love, it’s not hate. i’m pretty eh about it. @jvskincare rescue serum—it’s a “serum” but actually a very hydrating squalane based treatment. i can get away with this as my only moisturizer at night. although i don’t. i top off with @drunkelephant la la before bed @lamer the eye concentrate—i have this and the eye balm—i much prefer this. i think i’m going to sell my eye balm is anyone is interested. i use clean spatulas only in my jar products. . . . . . #skincareblogger #365inskincare #nightimeroutine #beautyflatlay #discoverunder100k #skincarecommunity #shelfie #skincareaddict #skincarejunkie #byrdiebeauty #vanities #bathroomshelf #sundayskincare #selfcare #acneprone #dryskin #asianbeauty #koreanskincare

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That’s one of my favorite accounts @acne_freedom of skin care and i really love their tips,their tips helped many people to get rid of acne (including me)and teach me how to deal with my skin type so it will be great if you followed them or tagged someone how needs their tips 😙 i love y’all ♥️. . . . . . #acne#acnefree#acnetreatment#acnefreedom#freeskin#naturalskincare#skincare#skincareroutine#skinhealth#skinperfect#skingoals#skincareaddict#skincareblogger#makeuptutorial#makeup#skinlove#makeuptips#naturalmakeup#loveyourself#selflove#selfcare

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😂😂😂😂😂 fbi agents probably laughing at my huge planet on my forehead 😩😩😩😩 follow @skincarebible_ for more 💕 . . . #fbiagent #fbi #memes #skincare #acne #skincareblogger #skincaretips #skincareroutine #acneproblems #instagood

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Saturdays are for treating yourself 😇 so i started off the day by treating myself to pancakes and two masks #extra💁🏽‍♀️ it was my first time trying the @goop exfoliating instant facial (pr gift)! it was a bit gritty but i think my skin needed it. i'll share a more in-depth first impressions after using it a few more times. ____ the mask was part of the @detoxmarket's crazy in love gwp! they originally offered it around valentine's day aaaand then it sold out. but the good thing is they're restocking it this monday 👍🏼 you can swipe to see a photo of everything included! ____ obviously, i've used the mask. the @mybkr has also been put to good use over the past week. for once i haven't killed my lil' succulent on the plant nanny app! ____ ps check my story for a surprise 🙃

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Krave: matcha h**p hydrating cleanser & kale-lalu-yaha 🌿 . there are two products right now in the krave line. i’m a huge korean skincare fan as the products and ingredients are very innovative and cutting edge . this jelly textured cleanser is a joy to use. it’s never drying nor strips the skin. my skin never feels tight after using this cleanser. just clean, hydrated and soft. this cleanser contains antioxidant powerhouse matcha. matcha is a form of green tea with an exponential number of antioxidants like polyphenols such as egcg in comparison to regular green tea. the green tea plants are grown in the shade for a few weeks prior to processing which increases the chlorophyll levels 🍵 . this cleanser also contains sweet almond oil, h**p seed oil and oat kernel extract which is soothing. b5 and sodium pca help with extra soothing and hydrating properties. this cleanser is perfect if you want a gentle cleanser packed full of antioxidants that won’t dry your skin out. plus the texture is just plain fun . i love acid toners as i prefer chemical exfoliation. as long as it’s done responsibly, listen to your skin and don’t overdo it. kale-lalu-yaha uses 5.25% glycolic acid to gently yet effectively exfoliate the skin . i love that this acid toner also contains antioxidant packed dark leafy greens like kale, spinach and parsley. it’s well rounded as it’s combined with soothers and hydrators like hyaluronic acid, aloe, allantoin and b5. there’s a few extras like chlorella minutissima extract an antioxidant packed algae, green apple extract, licorice root extract. malachite extract is a powerful antioxidant that seeks out free radicals . full review & thoughts on the blog. link in bio . . . #kravebeauty #pressreset #skincare #acidtoner #glycolicacid #cleanser #doublecleanse #kbeauty #skinstagram #skincarereview #skincareenthusiast #skincarecommunity #365inskincare #skincareblogger #beautycommunity #bblogger #instaskin #discoverunder100k #flatlay #skincareflatlay @kravebeauty

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《heather's hydrators》😁 . . in this predominantly cold, dry weather here in the us it is no surprise that it wrecks havoc on skin! loss of firmess, elasticity, dull skin, and fine lines are't just signs of aging skin, but also loss of moisture levels in skin which starts dropping around age 18! the signs of this loss usually doesn't manifest until 30s-40s. #preventioniskey ❕ hydrating skin is an anti-aging treatment! while i am a firm believer that everyone can benefit from deeply hydrating skin with a hyaluronic acid serum, my focus today is on the final step products that add moisture to skin and seal in hydration. . . i have combo skin and prefer to use multiple light layers instead of one occlusive, heavy cream at the end. i am extremely picky about my moisturizer! i like for the product to have a purpose other than just plain moisturizing, like an active ingredient. (peptides, retinol, growth factors, vitamin c derivatives, etc.) it is nice to have at least one true barrier repair product without actives in case of a reaction, sensitivity, or irritation. i think choosing a moisturizer, like choosing a cleanser, is completely personal preference. what texture do you like? an oil, lotion, cream, gel, a balm? does the moisturizer fit your skin type? personally, i don't like products where shea butter is high on the inci. causes clogged pores and possible breakouts for me, but others may love it! another factor for me is packaging. the only open jars above are samples. packaging in an airless container is a big deal for me, especially when actives are involved, but some may not mind an open jar. everyone has to find their sweet spot! . . . really think about it...what do you expect out of your moisturizer? and what is your preference? experimenting with different textures and formulas is the only way to discover what will truly work best for your skin! . . .👇🏼👇🏼moisturizers for combo/oily skin👇🏼 . #moisturizer #hydration #winterskin #instaskin #skincareblogger #skincaretips

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Hey lovelies! we all purchase and repurchase certain products and they are almost never replaceable for many reasons like they have become your holy grail or when nothing works out, you know you can rely on them. i myself have many products that never seem to fail and have become a part of my beauty closet. . one of those products is l’oréal hydrafresh night mask in jelly hydration + antiox active price, quantity and availability- 685inr 50ml @mynykaa packaging- pink glass tub and metallic pink lid (super luxurious) usage- apply generous amount and leave for couple of hours or overnight notable ingredients- glycerin, niacinamide, ascorbyl glucoside, sodium hyaluronate, grape fruit extract 🍀 my experience the word “jelly” refers to the silky melt in texture of the mask. it is a water based hydrating mask. i love that glycerin and niacinamide are two of the primary ingredients. glycerin is safe to use by even the most acne prone skin types. it provides hydration and improves the surface texture of our skin. niacinamide is a multitasker. helps with conditioning the skin, reduce inflammation, lighten dark spots and an excellent ingredient to look for in skincare products. although this mask feels rich on application it has never led to clogged pores and everytime i wake with supple skin. this also gives an appearance of bright skin. whenever my skin feels stretchy, looks dull and greyish, i finish my night skincare routine with this mask and my skin definitely looks so much better the next morning. it is an affordable option for those looking to invest in sleeping masks. it has an amazing scent and the packaging is to die for, if you are a fan of glass tubs. i recommend this mask to everyone except those who have very weak skin barrier(persistent redness, itching and very dry flaky skin) what is that one product that is always in your beauty stash? happy friyay! . . . #thatcuratedblog #skincare #skincareblogger #esthetician #sleepingmask #hydrate #niacinamide #oilyskin #mumbai #indianblogger #loreal #nykaa #antioxidants #skincareaddict #gcc #nighttimeroutine #beautyroutine #beautyaddict

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Presenting -the pride skincare bag #beautyunfiltered

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Skincare 101: viability 〰️ kalau kulitmu tipe yang 'pilih pilih', ada baiknya saat mencari produk skincare kamu melakukan riset yang lebih mendalam tentang popularitas produk tersebut. ini merupakan salah satu cara untuk mengetahui sampai kapan produk tersebut tersedia untuk kamu. 〰️ saat menemukan produk yang cocok buanget sampai sampai kamu mendeklarasikannya sebagai salah satu cinta sejatimu, kenyataan yang pahit ikut mengintip di balik pintu menunggumu lengah. it's a very logical reason; perusahaan selalu mencari untung. walaupun produk tersebut cinta matimu, kalau produk tersebut tidak 'sukses' di pasaran, produk tersebut pasti akan dihentikan produksinya. if this happened, kamu bisa apa? 300 konsumen yang hanya menghabiskan 300 botol setiap bulannya tidak akan memberi untung yang diinginkan jika mereka memproduksi 1000 botol setiap bulannya. now back to the question; kalau ini sampai terjadi, kamu harus ngapain? 〰️ i've been there and done that; toner anti jerawat yang aku pakai sampai 4 tahun lebih harus discontinued dan aku udah seperti mencari anak yang hilang. semua toko dan minimarket aku sambangi dan semuanya tidak ada yang jual sampai akhirnya tahu kalau produk ini discontinued dan digantikan dengan krim saja yang katanya sudah mengandung manfaat toner which is not working on my skin. you know the rest of the story. 〰️ pesan moralnya adalah, ada baiknya kalau kamu mencari produk yang terbukti teruji zaman dan bukan produk tipe 'trendy' sebagai opsi pertamamu. produk trendy pada umumnya mengikuti tren pasar yang super dinamis, sayangnya ini berefek juga pada produk saar pasar bergerak ke tren selanjutnya. hal ini bukan berarti semua pasar produk trendy akan mati, toh ada banyak produk yang tetap dicintai banyak orang walaupun 'hype'nya sudah lewat seperti skii, cosrx aha/bha toner, viva milk cleanser, dll. produk produk abadi seperti inilah yang harus kamu lirik sebagai teman karena sulit rasanya mereka akan menusukmu dari belakang dengan cara menghilang dari pasar. . . . . . . . . #beautytips #beautyjunkie #skincare #skincareroutine #beauty #skincareblogger #skincareproduct #perawatanwajah #acneprone #acnetreatment #products #aha #bha

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@aspectskin - just some of our favourite skin saviours here 🙌🏼 start your week right 😇

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This is my ultimate favourite lip product! i’m yet to find a product that comes anywhere near it!• • 💕happy self care sunday💕• ▫️niu body - coconut cleansing cotton rounds.• ▫️vivid md -whipped purifying cleanser (this also doubles as an incredible shaving cream/balm).• ▫️foreo - luna play.• ▫️niod - flavanone mud.• ▫️the body shop - aloe toner.• ▫️elizabeth arden - ceramide youth restoring essence.• ▫️belif - moisturising eye bomb.• ▫️lixir - night switch aha/pha.• ▫️alpha h - vitamin b with copper tripeptide.• ▫️holy snails - hanbang shark.• ▫️jordan samuel - hydrate.• ▫️strâtia - liquid gold.• ▫️kathy sue-ann’s - nourishing eye stick.• ▫️niod - hydration vaccine.• ▫️holy snails - perseids oil.• ▫️malin & goetz - lip moisturizer.•

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The @pro_beauty01 was amazing today in london. got to see all the latest skincare and aesthetic treatments available for 2018. stay tuned, i’ll be posting my review 💗 —————————————- @decleoruk @k_d_cosmetics @imageskincareuk @crystalclearskincare @aromatherapyassociatesuk @caudalie @foreo_mea @inglot_cosmetics @elemis @sculptaestheticsuk @muradskincare —————————————-

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T h e b o d y s h o p 🍀 v i t a m i n c e y e r e v i v e r d u o swipe for pictures👉🏻 this is a rather different product from others in the market today . it is a double ended vitamin c based, c a m u c a m u eye roll on and a cream on the other end . the metal ball applicator dispenses a very thin serum that instantly gets absorbed and . the wand applicator is for precisely applying the cream that also has bit of shimmer as well to give a cosmetic brightening effect . this eye care product is a 2 in 1 that claims to brighten the under eye area with mix of skin brightening and antioxidants while also providing moisture and giving an illuminated look with a light weight cream. i have talked more about it on my blog . link to the blog is in my profile(type tried and tested february in the search box) . let me know your thoughts❤️ ——————————— . . . #beautyblog #skincare #thebodyshop #eyecream #vitaminc #darkcircles #brightening #thatcuratedblog #minimalphoto #ontheblog #popxobeauty #productjunkie #review #influencer #thebodyshopindia #sundayskincare #weekendvibes #skincareblogger #esthetician

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Used my sephora points to get a sample of ren daily aha tonic ✨ i haven’t used a “glow tonic” before and once i tried this i was amazed! i literally woke up with glowing skin the next morning. i’ve never seen my skin this glowy before! this product contains aha (lactic acid), bha (willow bark extract), and azelaic acid. it has a yummy citrus scent 🍊 it stung a little when i wiped over a spot that i picked at but besides that i will continue to use this product and hope it’ll brighten up my complexion! - - - #renskincare #glowtonic #readysteadyglow #lacticacid #azelaicacid

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Happy sunday from @fusionapothecary 😃😃😃

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Organic and free from sls, sles, parabens & colourants, our handcrafted sleepy #baby soap contains just a touch of lavender essential oil to help little people drift off to sleep! try it before you buy when you visit one of our stores or branches

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✨international giveaway✨ promo ends: 02.27 promo host(s): @bambidoesbeauty repost: no additional info: @alphahskincare tysm for tagging me @skincarewithkelly_ 。 ✅ please visit the hosts’ ig for rules of entry (t&c). failure to abide by all of the host’s rules may result in disqualification 。 。 。 。 ✅ all promotions administered on this platform must run in accordance with @instagram inc promotion guidelines, for more info please read af’s instagram promotion guidelines post. 。 。 。 tysm for letting me share with this with you ❤️ x x o o #alwaysfobulous 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 #promosta #giveaway #sweepstakes #beautygiveaway #beautycommunity #skincaregiveaway #abcommunity #gratis #skincarecommunity #makeupcommunity #internationalgiveaway #communityovercompetition #skincareblogger #concours #免費 #化妝品 #kosmetika #beautyblog #sorteio #Косметика #milestone #giveawayph #giveawayindo #giveawaymalaysia #sgcontest #alphah

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㊙️chinese new year celebrations! ㊙️ ✨product: gravity mud - super firming mask ✨brand: @glamglow ✨like: what makes glam glows masks so special? its the innovative formula!! the brand’s masks are tightening and toning treatments in the form of a peel-off mask. not only do they make for a great selfie, but they contain ingredients that work to leave skin feeling tighter and more lifted. pluuuuuuuuussss, hello, can we talk about this fiery red packaging? it’s a great little nod to the chinese lunar new year. just remember that this is a limited-edition product, so you need to jump at the chance to snag one. ✨dislike: nothing!!!!! ✨sadiyyaapproved: yes if your big on looking and feeling young!! ✨cost and purchased: $69.00 from @glamglow 👻 snapchat; sadiyyasworld #skincare #skincareluxury #skincareaddict #skincarejunkie #skincarerountie #skincareproducts #beautyproducts #beauty #beautycare #beautytips #beautyskin #acne #acnetreatment #acnescars #loveskin #loveskincare #wrinkles #skincarediary #beautyblogger #skincareobsessed #antiaging #healthyskin #acnescarremoval #skincareblogger #hudabeauty #glamglow #glamglowuk #glamglowmask #sephora #mask

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Pair your favorite vitc serum with panacea mesostamp and watch your skin transform. . . panacea mesostamp delivers custom blend into the skin through microscopic channels it creates. make your vitc serums, vitamin solutions, antioxidants, ha, peptides and diy skin potions work harder for your skin. 24k gold plated needles stimulate collagen production, diminish pores and treat acne scars. . . . #skincare #skincareroutine #instaskincare #microneedling #facial #dermaroller #dermastamp#beautycare #estheticiansrock #estheticianschool #mesotherapy #skincareenthusiast #beautyblogger #productreview #skincareblogger #esthetician #skincareaddict #skincarecommunity #igtopshelf#shelfie #instabeauty#skincaredaily #estheticians #acne #theordinaryskincare #kbeauty #antiaging#estheticianlife#estheticianproblems

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Sunday funday = sheetmasking! my combo skin feels extra dehydrated today, so i reached for blossom jeju 2-step petal mask. . step 1 is a 100% pure jeju camellia dry oil that you layer on to infuse your skin with antioxidants and nutrients. my skin loves how lightweight and quickly absorbed it is! second step is the sheet mask itself, which is soaked in a serum packed with hyaluronic acid, green tea, camellia, broccoli, centella, blueberry and licorice extracts (sounds and feels like a healthy salad)💚 quick tip on maximizing the benefit sheetmask : when applying the mask, press lightly with your fingertips to set it in place. there’s usually an ample amount of serum juice left over in the pouch. make sure to pat any remaining liquid onto your skin - don’t waste a drop! if you have any more of oil remaining, apply it after you peel off your to help seal in all of the nutrients! #sarahglowtips #30daysofmasking

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My first real video is up,, y’all go easy on me i’m still learning and the camera makes me nervous lol 😂 link in bio #youtube #youtubemakesmecrazy

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