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✨echinacea/coneflower✨ this powerful healer is a staple in north american herbal medicine, and for good reason. she fights certain inflammation and infection, grows freely in the plains, and will also take up residence in your garden if you like, as long as she gets enough sun. pollinators love her, people with colds seek her solace, and i for one really enjoy drawing her. also, the word "echinacea" is derived from the greek "echinos," meaning hedgehog. pretty lovable plant, if you ask me.

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In tonight's episode of evil characters that you just shouldn't find adorable...
i seriously love this character. i saw chapter ii and although i have mixed feelings i still love this monster ❤️❤️❤️
drawing done in red and black ballpoint, edited in picsart to achieve the filter!

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Hello! i know i’ve been absent for a while, however i’m working on a few little projects that i’ll be sharing here too at some point. hopefully i’ll also make some time to make a youtube video too. still working on getting my life together tbh but this week seems better than the ones before, so finger crossed! here’s a quick study i did a while ago 🌻

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Another page in my new @mosseryco sketchbook! the watercolor paper is a little bit drier than i’m used to, but i looove the texture, especially when i take a picture of the artwork and you can see the paper texture show up really well like this — also, i saw a girl at the con wearing a hat similar to this (without the green stem) so i drew a strawberry girl inspired by her hat!
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Good friends on a cruise holiday posted this photo taken somewhere in spain a few days ago. spain still awaits me, but thanks judy for letting me draw this experience of yours.

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