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Random cute pics from tonight 💓 everyone was dancing but their dad lol turns out he was dancing later 😂 .. brayden & alya’s pics 😍 .. ariana, jayden & britney couldn’t make it to shower, but i’m glad everyone else came! these are memories that will last forever ❤️ #alyaandbraydenbabyshower

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It was about time we all took a pic together 💕 alya looks like a princess 👑 #alyaandbraydenbabyshower

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#alyaandbraydenbabyshower 💕🍼 decorations by me 🙌🏼 can’t wait for my new granddaughter! 👶

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I’m officially mrs. valentine ❤️💍.

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Soo tyler has set reservations for us at this beautiful restaurant. he surprised me with flowers & some gucci. however he also surprised me with something else 😩😭! (swipe to see)

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There is no one i’d rather be experiencing this with❤️. toured over some of the best monuments in history, which is always interesting to know .

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Romello & his gf ana #datenight 😍 love her already!

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Love when my kids visit me ❤️

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Mama’s girls 💗

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Didn’t expect to spend so much shopping😩. tyler gone be on me again , but i got him a few things so hopefully he won’t be that mad🙂❤️. (pose creator tagged)

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🌃night on the town🌃. -
so b**e & i toured around the city for awhile, & enjoying our time together. then we headed to the best hibachi in town which was “shogun”. the food was amazing 😩😍. tyler has never tried sushi before so best believe i ordered everything that had “sushi” in the name. we will definitely be coming back❤️🥡.

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“babe please get ready we can’t miss these reservations.”
- “tyler, my honey-oaks don’t get your p*****s in a twist. we’re not going to be late just let me finish placing my order for this fashionnova fit”
- “stop saying that g*y shit” •
“are you g*y my dear?” -
“stop the shenanigans, and get yo a*s up” -
“yes daddy😂😂” -
“you play too d**n much”

ugh this man always trying to get on my ass. he know d**n well we’ve never been late before so he need to chillll. 🙄. but i guess i can stop annoying and get ready🙄❤️

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🗽ny🗽. as most of you know i used to live in new york, but i moved to florida to be with tyler. however tyler has never never been to new york so guess where we are as a vacation .......... new york🤩. but this time we’re staying in the finest part (albany), which i also haven’t seen. the kids will be staying with my mom while we’re on this trip!

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Big bank take lil bank. 💸

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Pics in my babygirls room because her room is indeed my favorite room in the house😭😍. & it’s laundry day .

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Chanel 💗

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I happen to capture rae in one of her attitudes😭. somebody tell sis it’s not my fault she got a b on her quiz instead of an a🤷🏾‍♀️.

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