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She refuses to be anywhere other than my bed

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Good мornιng lιттle lady ♡
by the time you're old enough to be able to read this, you'll probably be gone. because you have a rare genetic disorder and you're dying.
you were born with familial dysautonomia, a rare genetic disease that causes the body’s nervous systems to malfunction. "the disorder disturbs cells in the autonomic nervous system, which controls involuntary actions such as digestion, breathing, production of tears, and the regulation of blood pressure and body temperature."
when you were 5 weeks old you were left on my doorsteps, and i took you in because you were just a helpless little baby. that same night you stopped breathing and the screaming began. you were hospitalized and the doctors told me what was wrong with you - i love you to bits, but if i had known i was going to lose you as easy as i found you perhaps i would've left you out there.
it's a miracle that you made it to your first birthday. but im being told this will be your last ♥︎

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Aha wow...😂 ——————————————- 💚💚 @plumbob.simss

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Im margaux, pronounced margo.
i used to have a life before lenny came along and took up all my time. i don't regret it, i really dont. sure, i started to lose myself a bit but that's normal when you know your child is going to die.
i am currently 24 and work as a nurse in a local hospital. we don't have much, so if anyone is interested in helping us out we'd greatly appreciate that

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We live comfortably, lenny and i. it's not a huge space but atleast we're always close ♡
i couldn't afford to pay for her crib so i grabbed some nails and a hammer and got to work. being a mum can at times make you feel awful, especially when you have no money and can barely provide for them. but im doing my best, and i hope it pays off in the end

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{dre’s pov}
up early as fuck. nik dumb a*s deleted my ig account & ion know wat for. that’s what her a*s not telling me. oh fuck’n well then, i guess we gon’ share hers. 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️
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La familia sparrow en 2015.
jeremy y jill ya no están entre mis sims 😥. sawyer y rikki tuvieron un hijo, ryan, que ya es adolescente, y más tarde una hija, a la que llamaron catherine

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I never expected to here those words so soon, one blink and my world changed forever.

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It's never too early for christmas! des always gets the short end of the stick 😂 (i finally submitted my thesis i'm so relieved lmao)
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This is our second born son edyson's room

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I put our second born son edyson to bed for a nap. hes now in a big bed so he has his own room away from the toddlers. just like his older brother fergus.

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A few bedrooms got switched again. our son hamish and my younger brother harvey are now both toddlers and sharing a bedroom.

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I spirit grimm, put my husband fernando and i's third born son hamish to bed for his nap.

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My mother nevaehs girlfriend aurora put her and my dad's son harvey to bed for his nap.

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Eating before some naps happen.

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Our beautiful third born son hamish, went looking for his grandmother nevaeh for a hug. everyone is sad about my father oak.

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My husband fernando loves children. he loves that my little brother harvey lives with us. i'm happy that my family can rally together.

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Our second born son edyson is now a school age child.

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My husband fernando made a birthday cake for our second born son edison's birthday.

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