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Be true to your self 💝

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Haven’t been so active lately 🐸☕️

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Camera action☕️

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Cheese 🍷💋

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All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

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Be the better you 💋

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Throw back💋💝

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B i t c h w h e r e 😛

minus the sticker 🤦‍♀️

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Moon head💋❤️

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Вот только сейчас дошли руки выложить сияющие губюхи Крис @krispokerface
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I’m just digging the s**t out of how much better this week is emotionally compared to last week. i’ve had a very solid last 7 months of feelin’ myself, workin’ on myself and just loving life! last week was very disruptive to my normal loving life attitude as an unfortunate situation gave me a brutal insight into how selfish and mean people can be all because their ego is the most important thing to them - it’s unfortunate that so many people choose to stay ignorant and wander around with their ego controlling them and in the end, really restricting what they receive and give out to the world. being human isn’t easy and there’s many trials and tribulations that get thrown at us to test our character, our resilience and our strength and it is only when we work through love, acceptance and kindness that we can truly grow and appreciate the experiences for what they were. in this case, it was a very eye opening experience that pushed me to get away from an old cycle and old emotions that kept me rather stuck. it was painful and it is yet another wound that needs reflection and work but it is what it is and love will always prevail! whether that he self love, love for your close friends and family or love for this world, love is where it’s at! we grow through what we go through ⭐️ #selflove #loveconquersall #loveyourselfbaby #enlightenment #growthroughwhatyougothrough #showtheworldyourwings and #shinebrightlikeadiamond #yougotthis 🍀🌼🌈

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