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Instagram shadowban
hi, sahabat. pernahkah suatu hari postingan kalian tidak muncul di recent post (explore), dan hanya terlihat oleh followers saja? tentunya hal ini sangat mengganggu sekali ya.. membuat engagement menurun dan performa akun jadi kurang baik.
eit, mungkin anda sedang kena instagram shadowban. kok bisa??
kalau kalian merasa melakukan beberapa hal berikut ini:
1. like foto akun-akun lain secara masif (lebih dari 350 likes / jam, dan bisa dilakukan oleh bot)
2. follow & unfollow akun-akun lain secara terus menerus
3. kirim dm ke banyak orang dalam sekali waktu (lebih dari 15 orang)
4. memasukkan hashtag terlalu banyak (lebih dari 30) dan selalu diulang
*jumlah bisa berubah sewaktu-waktu menyesuaikan kebijakan instagram, dan didukung faktor-faktor penentu lain.
dan tiba-tiba foto kalian tidak terlihat di recent post, bisa jadi kalian sedang mengalami shadowban.
cara ceknya bagaimana sih? coba search hashtag yang kalian pakai di foto terbaru (dengan menggunakan akun lain yang tidak following), kalau postingan kalian ternyata masih muncul, berarti akun anda aman :)
usahakan tidak melakukan hal-hal yang melanggar regulasi instagram ya, sahabat. mari mengelola akun instagram dengan teliti dan berhati-hati.
kalau ada yang mau dikoreksi / ditambahkan, silakan.
selamat berakhir pekan :d
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Arizona robbins💞
i posted this on my old acc but i feel like i need to post so here it is again lol
dt @averyscrub @v.oidanvers
ac audiosbruh
cc lena

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Instagram tambien tiene el poder de friendzonearte.
si has apreciado algunos cambios en tu cuenta de instagram últimamente, notas poca afluencia de seguidores, o no tienes tantos "likes" como quisieras, es posible que hayas caído en el shadowban.

aquí te explicamos cómo evitar caer en ello con estas 5 sencillas recomendaciones:

1-. utilizar la cantidad de hashtags necesarios y no exagerar ni usar los ht prohibidos en tus publicaciones.

2-. no usar cuentas o software para generar bots, buscar muchos likes o seguidores, ya que, eso infringe las leyes de instagram.

3-. evitar ser denunciado en la comunidad. si hacen denuncias contra tu cuenta, instagram te pondrá el ojo y muy posiblemente serás banneado.

4-. ten cuidado con los picos de actividad. por ejemplo, a diario solo puedes dar 150 likes y recibir 60 comentarios, entre otro tipo de limitantes.

5-. y por último, puedes intentar reportar tu cuenta en caso de que sospeches tener shadowban, con instagram en el apartado de "algo no está funcionando". y líbranos del #shadowban, amén... #hellomove #shadowban #socialmedia #goovibes #moveagency #tumarcaenmovimiento

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you may write me down in history
with your bitter, twisted lies,
you may trod me in the very dirt
but still, like dust, i’ll rise.

does my sassiness upset you?
why are you beset with gloom?
‘cause i walk like i’ve got oil wells
pumping in my living room.

just like moons and like suns,
with the certainty of tides,
just like hopes springing high,
still i’ll rise.

did you want to see me broken?
bowed head and lowered eyes?
shoulders falling down like teardrops.
weakened by my soulful cries.

does my haughtiness offend you?
don’t you take it awful hard
‘cause i laugh like i’ve got gold mines
diggin’ in my own back yard.

you may shoot me with your words,
you may cut me with your eyes,
you may k**l me with your hatefulness,
but still, like air, i’ll rise.
-maya angelou

i could lay on this grass,
seeing this sun,
feeling this wind,
hearing her voice,
speak these words,
and goosebumps
and sighs of thanks
grateful for sight,
for the ability to read these magical gems that i treasure beyond,
for the inspiration they evoke
the gratitude that springs forth
the presentness they gift me
i'll just be here remembering that after it all
that even after i leave this earthly experience
i will still rise

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49 years ago today the "fake as fuuk" #moonlandinghoax was broadcast across the whirld with a tell lie vised call by richard m. nixon the 37th president of these united states from the white house to the moon. *see my previous posts that have most likely been #shadowban #shadowbanned concerning #sun, #moon and this #earth.

this post calls into serious question all we have been told about the universe we inhabit, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to not be f-ing p****d off with nasa, the us government, the mandatory school system all the way to the hallowed halls of the most prestigious high dollar universities. every established tenant of main stream science needs to be revisited and reverified.

the entire education system is vomiting lies.

#regrann from @flat_earth_awakening - what do your observations and senses tell you? and what have you been told to believe by authority figures? #researchflatearth #geocentric #flatearth #globebusters #jeranism
i'm going to admit that i don't know much about the shape of the earth we inhabit,...mainly because myself and the other 99.9999999999% of us humans are not able to freely travel to the supposed pole regions. the environment is extremely hostile and the costs to mount a well planned, well equipped exploration is in the tens of thousands of dollars.

additionally, there is the antarctica treaty in place which requires impossible guidelines to be met before a permit can be given. several stories have surfaced where independent explorers have been arrested and imprisioned for trying to sidestep the treaty. investigate the hashtags: #antarctica #antarcticatreaty #admiralrichardbyrd #operationhighjump
considering that nasa has received a trillion dollars or more since it's creation in 1958 and the current annual budget equates to over 52 million dollars per day, in extorted #taxrevenue,... #wethepeople should be getting the truth about where we live. we are not.

#trump has publically announced, the creation of #spaceforce, which fortifies the position that #government has been run by #liars and #criminals from the beginning.

please use your own #commonsense and #morality to #standup against these #lies.

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#thehopeline #teens #nevergiveup💪 @instagram don't #shadowban this #igpost

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Danke instagram für den #shadowban 👍

mal sehen wie viele leute diesen beitrag hier sehen.
von erhielt ich vor einiger zeit diese 2 sets. das große ist für normale bis mischhaut und das kleine für trockene haut.
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