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Finally started this book and it's so good. so many amazing passages that i just bought my first tin of book darts!
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Checked it out from the library today... and i already know i’m going to add this to my christmas wish list! #sarahclarkson #bookgirl #spareoombooks

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Bookshelf? nope. coffee bar. but a good place for books and works for all those extra books i’ve purchased lately. this is just one of my new stacks! 😬 but there are just so many good books! •••
a few on this stack...
things we would say
finding holy in the suburbs (& found the audio for only $5 on christian audio!)
hillbilly elegy (very thought provoking)
betty before x
i’d rather be reading
book girl
you bring the distance near
...and a few others. nonfiction, middle grade, memoir...yes, please!!! have you read any of these?
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I’ve found the perfect spot on this cold snowy evening... the bigs are playing with play dough i should really start dinner but i think i’ll just read a little more... #neverwakeasleepingbaby #thelifegivinghome #sallyclarkson #sarahclarkson #fuelformysoul #forthemominme

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Fellow readers and mothers: book girl by @sarahwanders is a new, excellent resource and book guide that i highly recommend! i immediately identified with sarah because i too grew up loving to read and explore books. as a child, and even still as an adult, my time spent reading was, and is, a time i treasure and crave. as a new mother, i want to cultivate that desire and passion for reading in my daughter’s life. book girl will help me do just that and can do the same for you! with over 20+ book lists to make your book loving heart rejoice, this guide is jammed packed with thought provoking considerations and book suggestions. in addition, readers will find a warm kinship with the author as a fellow book lover and a unique glimpse into how reading impacts our lives on a daily basis. truly a book to return to, to study and to cherish! . . . . . ⁣
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rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⁣⁣
read my full review: link in bio⁣⁣
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disclosure: i was given a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. all thoughts are my own.⁣
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“winning their hearts.” what does that look like? in our home that looks like frequent connection. the times when my little guys feel the most connected with me are our most joyful. they are happy, cooperative, and eager to help. some ways to quickly connect throughout the day:
. -snuggle up with a book. we have reset many rough afternoons with a few minutes of cuddles and reading.
-turn on a "freeze dance" song or other goofy music to dance around together.
-join in on play for 10 completely focused minutes without distraction. take their lead and their direction. this one is hardest for me because i don't love "playing pretend" but it's a great way to give your little people an outlet and a bond with you.
-bake! a quick recipe or something for them to mix up in the kitchen empowers my little guys and it seems to perk them up no matter what the attitude at the time.
how do you find ways to connect with your kids throughout the day?

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Really looking forward to getting stuck into this book. i read sally clarkson's book desperate a few months ago and it resonated with me so much i just had to get another of her books, she is so wise. i saw her speak in bristol while back, i just want to absorb as much wisdom from this woman as i can! @sally.clarkson

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My life in book titles! i'm super excited to read these...and also, to use them as decor in my living room because ohhhh those adorable covers 😍😍😍

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My preschooler doesn’t nap as much anymore, so when he does (and my toddler is napping at the same time), it feels kind of like a mini vacation 😉😂🙌🏻 even though he does quiet time in his room, there’s just something so peaceful about two sleeping babies in the house! 💗 so i’m taking advantage of the quiet with a cup of coffee, a little treat, and something that fills and encourages my heart...thankful for this time! ☕️ 📚 what’s your favorite way to recharge when your kiddos are napping or having quiet time? happy monday friends! 💕 #thedelightedlearner #quiettime #naptimeactivities #sallyclarkson #thelifegivinghome #recharge #sarahclarkson #motherculture #lovetoread

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📬 i cannot express how ridiculously happy today’s mail delivery made me. during sarah clarkson’s release of book girl, i won a copy of this beautiful print by artist, breezy brookshire. i can’t wait to frame it and add it to my “favorites” bookshelf. i keep staring at the detail in the picture, and my husband is convinced it is actually a picture of me. thank you for blessing me so much breezy and sarah. even the notecard included with the print is a piece of art. i look forward to much more of your art and books gracing my home and life in the future. 🎨 📚 “we read to know we are not alone.” - c.s. lewis.
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I posted about this on my other account and thought i'd share it here. this is my current read, and i'm finding it all so interesting. sarah loves books about as much as i do 😉. are you a book girl? what do you think the biggest benefit of reading is? what is your favorite classic?

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One for the big girls from one of my favourite writers!! @sarahwanders presents a series of comprehensive book lists for all kinds of reading designed to enrich our lives, encourage us in our struggles, motivate us to action and more. some great tips on how to read as well as the what to read and why we read. the real challenge in this book is what comes after it. what will i read next? thanks to sarah, the choice got a lot easier. (it’s ‘persuasion’ for me 😊) #bookgirl #booksformum #booksformoms #grownups #booklists #sarahstrikesagain #booksbooksbooks #readit #sarahclarkson #bookstagram #onmybookshelf #mummyreads #mommyreads

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I just finished book girl by sarah clarkson (@sarahwanders ) and it gets 5 stars! this was, in the best way possible, much meatier than expected! i loved the insight into her life, the honesty of her stories, and the reasons for each book she picked. i loved the lists she included, and was inspired, and reminded of how proud i am to also be a book girl. written from a christian perspective, there are lists for many genres, including theological studies. #bookgirl #sarahclarkson #bookreview #bookreport #readtoreview #bookstagram #bookish #nooknerd #bookworm #bookdragon #read #kindle #kindlepaperwhite

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“why are we reading, if not in hope of beauty laid bare, life heightened and its deepest mystery probed?”
— annie dillard, the writing life
i love this quote!! and the more i read about reading (& the more i read), the more i understand how important it is to so many areas of our lives - including our compassion for humanity.
what are you reading? 📚
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Oh my goodness, yes. this is the reason why i finally decided to have a bookstagram. i feel like i have so many bookish things bursting in my mind and i want to share, but it’s too much to load on any one person, so all of you lovely people get to share ideas with me. 💚 #bookgirl #sarahclarkson #bookstagram #bookish #bookworm #bookdragon #read #reader #kindle

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