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Sat nam yogis! tomorrow’s schedule for saturday 10-20:
4 am - 6:30 am aquarian sadhana 3rd saturday of the month with @har_dev_ 💫
8:15 am - 9:15 am kundalini yoga for transformation with @ayurvega 💫
10 am - 11:15 am radical radiance with @heathercsweeney 💫
11:45 am - 1:00 pm kundalini yoga for transformation @g_g905 💫
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm saturday night sound immersion with @g_g905

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Feeling the music 🤩💯
👉🏽meet @fini.orlamuende , our ✨fantastic cardio dance teacher! fini teaches every saturday at noon—join her *tomorrow* for a heart-pumping, feel-good cardio workout!🙌🏼💜
what’s your favorite way to get cardio in? sometimes you just gotta dance it out! 🔥😉⠀

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✨welcome to our space.✨⠀
saffron & sage is a lifestyle brand that dreams of seeing humanity live therapeutically and sustainably. our mission is to create therapeutic and healing spaces for those who are looking for another way. a path that brings together community, hospitality and vulnerability. a path that invites us to journey inward and move beyond cultural norms and health trends. saffron & sage wants to meet you where you are on your journey. we want to companion you towards wellness—towards wholeness.⠀
we’re here to support your wellness - join us for: ⠀
• acupuncture⠀
• massage ⠀
• cupping ⠀
• meditative therapy⠀
• energy therapy ⠀
• nutritional therapy⠀
• spiritual direction ⠀
• psychotherapy ⠀
• life coaching ⠀
• sound therapy ⠀
• botanical medicine ⠀
• movement therapy ⠀
download our app to book your self care session with us today! ⠀

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It’s a sign! ✨time to book your next yoga therapy or reiki session 😇 contact susana today! #urbanyogi #yogatherapy #sandiego #littleitaly #sandiegoyoga #reikisandiego new logo art by @kittyagogo 🙏🏽💙

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Enjoy free community yoga on select dates now through december at pura vida yoga in downtown san diego. these free classes are an offering by pura vida yoga and teachers who are currently in the process of completing their 200-hour yoga teacher training requirements at our studio. most free classes are on saturdays at 5pm and some sundays at 11:30am. view the full schedule and register for classes at

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Come play yoga with me this sunda y 10/21 in ocean beach at 11:30 am!
all beings welcome 👽🧜🏼‍♀️🐉🧚🏼‍♀️
🍁 friendly
donation based 💘

2000 spray st
san diego ca 92107

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Ready for another playful class? let's see if we can steam up the mirror again with your amazing energy 🥰

vinyasa 2/3
october 20th 2018
#ginsengyogasd #vinyasaflow #energy #play #align #engage #breathe #sandiegoyoga #hangingwithj #yogaeverydamnday #kcbc #kingscountybeercollective @petelengyel #craftbeer #sdyogi #comeplaywithus

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Today’s handstand practice before teaching mom and baby yoga class, with the resistance ball. it bounces and challenges the core!!! 今日のハンドスタンドは、カーニーメサで親子ヨガ前に練習しました。レジスタンスボールは結構揺れるので、しっかり立つには体幹を意識します。
❤️ i’ll be hosting a yoga retreat at a temple in nagano,
japan in october, 2019. master teacher rached maalouf and i will be leading the yoga and meditation every day. details to follow so stay tuned or follow me! ❤️日本でのヨガリトリートを来年10月に、長野のお寺で行います。アメリカから素晴らしい先生が来日。日本の方は1日参加が可能ですので、ご連絡お待ちしています!詳細はアメブロかdmでお願いします。
#handstandfortammy #yogaforhandstands #sandiegoyoga #yoga #ヨガ女子 #ヨガ講師 #ヨガインストラクター #アロマヨガ #サンディエゴ #カリフォルニア #インナービューティー #筋トレ女子#フィットネス女子 #ハンドスタンド #ヨガ好きな人と繋がりたい #毎日ヨガ #アシュタンガヨガ #armbalance #instayoga #journeytohandstand #spekn #handstand #kettlebellstrong #handstandnation #practiceandalliscoming #ヨガライフ #handstandeveryday #yogaretreat #英語でヨガ

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Today marks 365 consistent days of meditation! this year has been full of change and uncertainty and the only constant that has grounded me is meditation, yoga and ocean therapy. even if it’s just 20 minutes a day, it’s a sacred time carved out just for me. it’s the space that’s needed to go within to connect to my higher self, one that’s not concerned with outward appearances, stories and judgements. a glimpse into pure consciousness. if you are looking for a way to stay consistent, try downloading the @insighttimer ap. it’s been a game changer for me. i’m happy to share more if you are serious about getting started. 🧘‍♀️❤️
#meditate #meditation #practiceandalliscoming #dailymeditation #insighttimer #sdyoga #sandiegoyoga #yogaretreats

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