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I’m so tired. how is everyones day?
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Can anyone relate?😩
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"l want to text you.
just to remind you that i'm still here.
but then i remember that you
know i’m here.
you just don’t care.'' ‍ ‍

please share in your stories if you like it.😊

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I've shared everything with you guys, all the ups and downs, it would be unfair if i don't share the worst phase of my life yet, but excuse me if i don't sound sane or something, it's been a terrible day. so, everything ended between me and the girl i loved. i thought the love was mutual, it wasn't. i thought she was honest, she wasn't. i thought she cared, she didn't. but i deserve this agony. told y'all she was fire and i was bound to get burned. well, i've turned to ashes deep inside. where's my funeral party? i can't put into words how bad it hurts but this year really did teach me a s**t ton of lessons and here i still stand, fighting. hardest one of my life yet. finally, this is to you, anja. i gave it all that i could, yet it wasn't enough for you. sucks. and i honestly want to hate you for playing with this heart but i can't. it just isn't coming from within yet. so all i can do is wish you the absolute best for a beautiful life that's ahead. i don't know why you did what you did, but i'm going to pretend that there is still a beautiful person deep inside of you who isn't as cold hearted as she was to me. i've known you long enough to say you're not this bad. and i'm going to miss you like i've never missed anyone before, because i loved you like i've never loved before. but since your happiness doesn't belong with me, i am letting you go. but i'm not just letting you go, i am also leaving a part of me behind. a part that cared so deeply about someone who cared too little. for the last time in my life i'll say it in front of the world irrespective of all that happened, i love you so much it hurts. and i was scared of a life that didn't have you in it, but i am left with no choice but to face my fears now. so thank you, at least for making me fearless. it was an incredible journey with you, but now i'll have to rise back from the ashes and walk on fire all on my own. maybe it's time to delete every memory of you that is saved in my phone. maybe it's time to live with a heart that has turned to stone. maybe it's time to love myself again and stay alone. it all began on instagram, so this is where it all ends. take care, love. goodbye.

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