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I had so much fun with my girls this weekend!!🧑 #rolltide

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-that moment when you go out and accidently end up hanging out with your mom and sister. #mygirls #lovethem #tuscaloosa #ttown #wheelhouse #rolltide #rtr

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Former florida qb tim tebow said this evening on sec network “if i were alabama, i would most certainly play a system this year on offense where both qb’s can be used.” he continued by saying “i wouldn’t necessarily say play a 2 qb system because that’s not alabama, but i would find a way to get both qb’s on the field somehow. the way tua brought that team back in the national championship game and won it in overtime has to be the guy with the upper hand right now in the competition, but you can’t just toss jalen away after all he’s done for alabama. he’s been working his b**t off all summer long and props to him for not giving up and continuing to fight. so if jalen stays at alabama and saban can find a way to get both qb’s on the field, watch out bc alabama will be just that more powerful than last year and in years past.”
i couldn’t agree with tim tebow more!!!! i’ve been saying all along we need to find a way to utilize both jalen & tua on offense. maybe that’s a 2 qb system, maybe it isn’t. we can’t just toss jalen to the curve after all he’s down for alabama.
we are less than 50 days away from kickoff (48 to be exact) and we will all find out what saban and locksley will do at qb. the goat knows what he’s doing and has something up his sleeve. in the goat we trust!!! roll tide roll
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Which team deserves to be here and which team doesn't? 🀨

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New song i'm writing. still got a lot of work to do, first and only take of this song. leave some feedback.

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Congrats to lexie on the purchase of her badass 2018 sportster forty-eight special! thank you for your business and welcome to the t-town h-d family!

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Tuscaloosa is a place where you can have fun, laugh and above all... live!
@austinburke_photo πŸ“·

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Cee phi tee! bring it on!!!🐸😍😘😴

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Everybody stay hydrated in this hot a*s heat. working above cochran bridge today. #hot #rolltide #getyousum #thkellys #2400hp #booyahbaits #americanhero #lewsreels #f1tigers

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The hardware!!♥️♥️♥οΈπŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―roll tide #olemike #rtr #rolltide #bama #crimsontide

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Dream come true!! roll tide!!! #olemike #bama #rtr #rolltide #crimsontide

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Phil steele’s preseason top 25 πŸ“Œ
1. alabama
2. clemson
3. ohio state
4. washington
5. georgia
6. wisconsin
7. miami
8. notre dame
9. oklahoma
10. texas
11. michigan
12. penn state
13. michigan state
14. boise state
15. stanford
16. usc
17. florida
18. florida state
19. auburn
20. tcu
21. mississippi state
22. utah
23. boston college
24. oregon
25. arkansas state
is he accurate or talking crazy? πŸ€”πŸ‘‡πŸΌ
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Love this thing right here ♥οΈπŸ’― roll tide!!! #olemike #bama #rtr #rolltide #crimsontide

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