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“i am interested in language because it wounds or seduces me.” - roland barthes
it’s so comforting to be around stacks of books. even if i don’t read anything, it’s relaxing to know they’re there, which i imagine lots of readers know what i’m talking about. as i was roaming my stacks last night, i caught myself wondering which books will impact me this year. have there been any books this year that really made an impact on you? any 2018 favorites?

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A must read for photography lovers🎞
roland barthes was, in my humble opinion, one of the most brilliant thinkers of the 20th century. in camera lucida, he's theorized photography, not approaching it as a question, but as a "wound".
some of his ideas have really stunned me ; impressions that would only float half-formed in a spectator's mind become, in his discourse, so clear and vivid!
my favourite concept from the book would have to be the "punctum" ; the small, often unintentional detail that punctuates a photo, just as an arrow, and makes it a good photograph. it's the punctum that will grip you and wound you before you can understand why the picture in your hands has such an effect on you. isn't that so true?

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Começando novo livro hoje.

vou ler apenas a primeira parte de #ograuzerodaescritura #rolandbarthes
mas como nerd de futebol, só consigo falar barthez

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Book 29. "i try to continue living day by day according to her values: to recover something of the nourishment she provided me by producing it myself" #books # libros #literatura #literature #librazo #rolandbarthes

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When i was 5, after i left hospital with a scar from the operation, my grandparents took me, my mother and my brother to mallorca. i still have the scar on my leg. it has never bothered me. like everyone else, i have many more scars now, internal as well as external. fifty years later, back in mallorca, during my early morning swim in the clear turquoise water, i saw this tree on the rocks. it’s dead now, majestic in the landscape. for some reason it reminded me of that time, of my illness, of my grandparents, long gone and the fact that our histories and our memories are part of our landscapes.
“if i had to create a god, i would lend him a “slow understanding”: a kind of drip-by-drip understanding of problems. people who understand quickly frighten me.”
roland barthes, the neutral: lecture course at the collège de france, 1977-1978

#memory #illness #recovery #understanding

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Gloria al grande protagora! specialmente perché era simpatico a cena e beveva dell’ottimo wisky. #lasettimafunzionedellinguaggio #jakobson #semiotics #semiotica #barthes #rolandbarthes #laurentbinet #libri #libridaleggere #navediteseo #libriamoci #libriaddicted

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Manusia hidup di tengah berjuta tanda dengan segala bentuk, nilai, dan maknanya. ada kalanya, mereka mengerti secara refleks arti sebuah tanda, sedangkan lainnya perlu melakukan analisis mendalam untuk mendapatkan makna yang diharapkan.
kehadiran semiotika, atau semiologi dalam istilah barthes, membuka jalan pintas untuk memahami makna yang terkandung dalam suatu petanda beserta sistem, aturan, dan konversi yang memungkinkan petanda itu memiliki makna.
dalam bukunya yang fenomenal ini, barthes mengulas secara tuntas, cerdas, dan mendalam tentang elemen-elemen semiotika yang harus dikuasai oieh setiap orang yang ingin belajar tentang semiotika, seperti tongue dan parole, penanda dan petanda, sintagma dan sistem, konotasi dan denotasi, beserta turunan dan pelengkapnya.
bahasan tentang semiotika sebenarnya amatlah berat. namun, dengan bahasa yang lugas, tetapi padat, buku ini mudah dipahami oleh siapa pun, termasuk pembaca pemula sekalipun.
judul buku: elemen-elemen semiologi
penulis: roland barthes
penerjemah: m. ardiansyah
penerbit: basa basi
tebal: 160 hlm | bookpaper
dimensi: 14x20 cm
harga normal: 50.000
harga diskon : 45.000
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kembali ke masa lalu
160 x 130 | 2018
spray paint and acrylic on canvas
location: france
#cutnotslices #popart #stencils #romance #visualdiary #streetart #painting #artwork #semiotics #decontruction #derida #rolandbarthes #visualart

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Semiotica visiva e delle immagini...😍🖤
#adoro #bestemmieepiacere #rolandbarthes

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A câmara clara de roland barthes, e mais de 25 livros da coleção clássicos de ouro da editora @novafronteira esperam por você nas livrarias. vídeo por @leomelorj
#coleçãoclássicosdeouro #rolandbarthes #acamaraclara #fotografia #contandosobreomundodoslivros #editoranovafronteira

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Japp, jätteretligt #rolandbarthes

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"concetto spaziale" de lucio fontana. 🔷🔷🔷
en el rosa, en las vetas, en los quiebres del óleo que surcan en su superficie.
en el tiempo que modifica la obra, la oscurece, la quiebra lentamente. en los agujeros desbordantes de óleo.
en la cruz. en su irregularidad. es una cruz hecha de agujeros violentos y aún así absolutamente adorables.
en saber que no es cualquier cruz. un halo la rodea, una delgada y sutil línea le da protección, la envuelve.
fontana ejecutaba sus obras utilizando un gran clavo de metal. clavaba, agujereaba, tajaba el lienzo románticamente cual ritual.
y así lo crucificó, con su clavo de metal. ese óleo que se ve resurgir es la sangre de sus heridas. se puede ver a través de sus estigmas. no hay nada que ocultar, no hay secretos. porque simplemente fue un hombre que, mirándonos a todos nosotros, dijo...
..."hombres, perdonadle, porque él no sabe lo que hizo"... (fragmento del "evangelio según jesucristo" de josé saramago.)
gracias fontana 🔷🔷🔷
in the pink, in te seams, in the oil breaks that plough through the surface.
in the time that modifies the piece, it darkens it, it slowly breaks it. in the holes overflowed by oil.
in the cross. in its irregularity. is a cross made by violent holes and still absolutely adorables.
in knowing that it isn't just a normal cross. a halo surrounds it, a thin and delicate line gives it protection, involves it.
fontana executed his pieces using a big steel nail. nailed, holed, chopped the canvass in a romantic way, like a ritual.
and that's how he crucified him, with his steel nail. that oil that its seen resurfacing is the blood of his wounds. you can see through his stigmas. there's nothing to hide, there aren't any secrets. because he was just a man who looking at us said...
..."men, forgive him, because he doesn't know what he's done"... (fragment of "the gospel according to jesus christ" of josé saramago)
thank you fontana
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