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Piper mclean & will solace✨ cr: cindersart guys just look at this ukulele💘 – qotd ou (or) song recommendation? pls comment which one you prefer! por favor, comentem qual vocês preferem! (por favooorr, não me deixem no vácuo) #percystentes /becky

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Started listening to got7 today. i must say, pretty good. take care. /-/ #percyjackson #pjo #rickriordan #annabethchase

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Me when my siblings are killing each other and my parents ask me to intervene - [art by thecottonproject]

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Jason grace

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Nico di angelo is not a “smol emo g*y bean ^_^” no he is literally a son of hell and you shall treat him as such comment 🌊 or 💀 for a tag in my next textpost ~ dom ~ #leovaldez #percyjackson #thailagrace #jasongrace #frankzahng #godsofolympus #hazellevezque #pipermcclean #nicodiangelo #biancadiangelo #adamfandam #willsolace #solangelo #percabeth #frazel #jiper #caleo #reynaavilaramirezarellano #deathboy #seaweedbrain #wisegirl #repairboy #thedamfandam #heroesofolympus #pjo #rickriordan

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I can’t wait for lent to be over so i can again focus on this account. sorry about being gone so often 😕 btw- if you ever want to know what i’m reading, the link to my goodreads in my bio 🤓. i’m always updating it and you can also message me on there if you want ☺️ - [art by]

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I want the library😍💙.credits to ? #fangirl #lovebooks #rickriordan #jkrowling . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . did you want the prince or the library ?

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I don't think you guys understand how much love, support, and respect i have for percy and kids who go through the same thing. // tomorrow is show night!! // #percyjackson #pjo #rickriordan

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Percy jackson and the olympians by rick riordan - - - i feel like everyone and their mother has read percy jackson but i love this series too much to not talk about it. percy jackson is a phenomenal children’s series. i can’t count the amount of times i’ve read it over, and i never get tired of it. the witty narration and easy to follow perspective are wonderful to take in. percy is a very easily relatable character, and you can’t help but fall in love with him and all of the other characters he interacts with. there’s a real perspective of humanity throughout the books as well. people who you thought were bad to their core are given another perspective, and the people rick riordan has written into his fiction are allowed to have flaws. but one of the best things about this series i think, is that even though it is filled with action, drama, and heartbreak, it always manages to be fun and engaging. it’s truly a series for all ages in that regard. i’ve been in love with these books since i first read the lightning thief 8 years ago, and i can guarantee i will still be loving them 20 years from now. - - #percyjackson #pjo #lightningthief #rickriordan #review #books #novels #literature #bookstagram #bookreview #photography #paint

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That freaking annoys me so much! percy is so modest, that “what do u mean i’m not ur type” makes me cringe . . . #pjo #percabeth #percyjackson #rickriordan #solangelo #nicodiangelo #annabethchase #theseaofmonsters #circe #skater

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03.21.18 finished ♡ #thetitanscurse #rickriordan

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