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Not everyone is going to support you. and often you'll find that its the people closest to you that don't. that's not your problem. learn to celebrate yourself! 👑

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Lembrete sincero para o domingo: “quando você ama o que tem, você tem tudo o que precisa”. boa noite ~ #thaynabelgica

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Jesus finds the gold in people! for example, jesus saw the gold in: matthew, the tax collector (matthew 9:9); simon peter, although he knew he would deny him three times (john 1:42); and the samaritan woman at the well (john 4:1-39). it's easy to see the bad in people, but try to see the good like jesus does!

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The art of overthinking pt. 2 — oder wie @wastarasagt es sagen würde: „3 dinge, die ich mir zu viel gemacht habe: sorgen, gedanken & nudeln“ 🤗
der spruch ist übrigens nicht von mir - den gibt’s schon ganz oft irgendwo im netz. aber ich mag ihn so. 😊 .
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The term fearfully speaks to our reverence or awe toward god for all that he is and all that he does. that we are wonderfully made encompasses several truths, including that we were made distinguished.

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