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A mind stretched by new experiences can never go back to its old dimensions.

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Boutonniere to match the brides bouquet. the blueberries were a fun addition.

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First of the season’s plums in a crumbly plum, olive oil and almond cake.

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Never worn with tags dolce petit dress in 6 months £20 posted #flashesofdelight #pursuepretty

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Speak, o lord, and renew our minds;
help us grasp the heights of your plans for us—
truths unchanged from the dawn of time
that will echo down through eternity.
and by grace we’ll stand on your promises,
and by faith we’ll walk as you walk with us.
speak, o lord, till your church is built
and the earth is filled with your glory.

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Setting up self-portraits has become a very meditative experience for me to get creative, be patient with myself, and allow a moment to come and go quickly with little to no expectation. for every 30 images i take, perhaps i’m pleased with one or two. but the best part is that it isn’t about the end result. it’s a continual lesson in process over perfection. happy sunday, sweet humans.

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"i know this world can be a little much at times, and it wears you down as it clouds your mind, but even here you are free to let go of those things, and merely be. you do not have to sort through everything. you are free to let go and trust in this space. you are free to believe: even after a thousand nights that all felt the same, mercy is still on the horizon and it will bring a new day." - @morganharpernichols -⠀
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Forever wishing i lived during the grease era: jukeboxes, poodle skirts, muscle cars, danny zuko in his leather jacket, drive-up diners, doowops & all, i feel like i would’ve fit right in.

what era do you think you were meant to live in?

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I’m way too good at goodbyes.

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I always talk about being authentic to yourself, and for the most part i live it out. however, a few days ago, something triggered memories from the past. words that i thought i had let go of that were used to wound me bubbled up, and i felt less than and unworthy of love. yet as those thoughts invaded my mind, i spoke this simple prayer. almost instantly as the last word left my mouth, i felt god’s love and the restoration of peace and courage.
so today just know you are more than your past, more than the lies of the enemy, more than the conditional love you are settling for. i truly pray and believe as i spoke over myself that you begin to fully see yourself as god sees you: beautiful and worthy of love.

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A little evening romance in seattle!
congrats to @airolmae and takato! thanks for letting us be a part of your big day!!!

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Hope you’ve all had a fab weekend! yesterday was emily’s (my sis in law) birthday party, and we had a knees up here- it was so lovely to get some of the family together 🎀! tomorrow, real life resumes again now that james’ annual leave is over, but at least we’ve got a bank holiday to look forward to 🙌🏽!! have a good one 😘.
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Lots of new vintage bags listing soon! happy sunday!

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Brunch is the most important meal of the day #sunday 📷 @thesweetandsimplekitchen

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The cutest family you ever did see

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Happy kiddo ☀️ i am not giving up on this summer yet 🌊
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Back home in virginia and already missing st. john. so grateful for the time spent with my family in such a lovely and inspiring place.

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