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Psoriasis is a blood condition. that’s why it moves around your body. one study suggests that psoriasis is a bacterial infection. with many psoriasis sufferers being triggered by staphylococcus or streptococcus. staph or strep throat are both bacterial infections which travel through the blood.

celery juice - balances your bodies ph and is anti inflammatory which is the main issue with psoriasis.
aloe - soothing and cooling in the body. aloe is alkaline which calms down psoriasis.

lemon water - alkaline and hydrating.
turmeric/ginger - anti inflammatory
apple cider vinegar - anti inflammatory, antibacterial, able to k**l e. coli and some staph infections

essiac tea - some people call it cancer curing but they can not promote it as that. with burdock root being an ingredient it detoxes the liver and cleans the kidneys. also a blood cleaner. people with psoriasis are known to have liver conditions as well as having a kidney removed. all are linked to toxins in the body which essiac tea can remove, while also improving o***n functions.

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50 for 50 project - gráinne’s story
i'm gráinne. i have guttate psoriasis. when i first discovered i had psoriasis, i was five years old and had just recovered from chickenpox, but i still felt like they were on my scalp. with a history of psoriasis in the family, it was easy for my mum and her sister to identify that it was psoriasis. this was easily controlled by putting olive oil in my hair overnight.
i wasn't until secondary school that it flared up over my whole body - but i controlled it with the steroid cream 'dovobet'. since then i've had six severe flare ups. when it starts, there are a few spots, and all of a sudden it spreads wildly over my whole body - and is always triggered by emotional imbalances or stress. the only thing that can help it is light therapy and dovobet. since third year, i've had 4 courses of light therapy. within the past two years i've had three flare ups like this.
i am now 19, and my most recent flare up is my worst to-date. to have two flare ups within the one year is extremely upsetting and caused my mood to plummet, but i have never let it stop me from doing anything - i've had it long enough to not only accept it, but embrace it - and self-approval is so important. it is extremely difficult to live with - it's a physical and mental struggle every day - but it's imperative especially at this age not to let it interfere with what you want to do in life.
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New blog post talking about my favourite moisturisers for surviving the winter with psoriasis! what is your favourite moisturiser? // #psoriasis

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💕repost to one of my top video of the year: this video has help so many people all over the world with this issue.. it spread so much awareness and the product was sold out everywhere. thank you to my brace client and those who have reached out. ⠀

“ this is a very sensitive subject and video for some people as well as very gratifying. i’ve seen this technique done by my friend @christinakreitel and i wanted to try it for my client who had a very dry scalp that tends to flake as well. ⠀
⠀ ⠀
she has been dealing with this issue for a few years now and i’ve always tried to help find a way to help her soothe her scalp in between her regular doctor visits. some products have worked a bit and some haven’t. a healthy scalp is essential for healthy hair. ⠀ ⠀

for the first time in a long time, i feel like we’ve actually have found a product to soothe her scalp and kept her hair so shiny. keep in mind this was after one wash! one @chihaircare exfoliating shampoo and one exfoliating conditioner. make sure you look back at the video when you read this. ⠀
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I en badrumsspegel med omålade naglar står jag och tar in stunden. jag ser varenda prick. och jag älskar varenda en. det är något vackert över det hela och jag inser att jag kommer att sakna just den fläcken och den. för den är mig. ❤️

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Celery juice helps heal eczema, psoriasis, & acne🌟

learn more about the healing powers of celery juice in my new book liver rescue available at barnes & noble, amazon, books-a-million, chapters indigo, the book depository and anywhere books are sold❤️ #medicalmedium #celeryjuice

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People with this skin condition have cells that multiply up to 10 times faster than normal cells..!! ⚡️ can you guess what it is? comment what you think and click our #linkinbio to find out how to manage this chronic skin disorder!

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Going live on instagram and then facebook tomorrow (sunday) morning around 11:30am et/ 8:30am pt
i’ll be talking about the healing powers of fruit and celery juice and you wont want to miss it.
and stay tuned for the tropical fruit giveaway post tomorrow morning before the live which will have the instructions on how to enter. it will be easy and fun!!
make sure to turn your notifications on so you will know when the live begins.
hope to see you there🙌🏻💗😃

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I haven’t ever really shared this, but i have severe psoriasis on my scalp, and a few years ago my hair stopped growing and started thinning. it’s only recently started growing back (after much special care and lots of work with trichologists).... but i love this photo because it represents how healthy and happy my hair is now and how far i have come. #hair #hairgrowth #health #psoriasis

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