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My happy panda supplier 🐼

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House of vans ii.

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• if you’ve ever struggled with assurance, just know you’re not alone. that has been a major struggle for me in my walk. the enemy knows how worried and overthink-y (is that a word?) i am, and i play right into it. so, right now, wherever you are, just know this: god’s word is true. believe it, and trust it. that whosoever calls upon the name of the lord shall be saved. {romans 10:13} that’s it. the end. cut, print, check the gate. if you believe with all your heart jesus died for you because he loves you that much, cast the enemy out and walk in freedom, my friend. ✍🏻

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I guess you could say i’m head over heels for these pics and this venue. glo-co in foco was freakin loco. got an event coming up? i’ll shoot it for ya ;)

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Pulling the sides always makes for a great picture. w/ @jen_ny20

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Spent the afternoon looking around the #portobellomarket with my gal 🔍 // #london #sonyalpha #carlzeiss

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It’s the pictures like this that get me excited about having kids one day. yes there are moments during some sessions where i’m glad i don’t have any lol but for the most part i think that motherhood is so special and hope i get to experience it someday🙂

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// thank you @nikonaustralia for the use of the amazing z7 on tuesday night. it truly is a remarkable camera.

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Sweethearts in the freshly fallen snow
one of the things i love most about living and being a photographer alberta is the brilliant sunshine, even in winter.

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An oldie but a goldie 💛✨

back when romy, alex, and i took a trip down the coast to see sweet mary in carpinteria. was it simpler than or now? i’m not too sure.

we always seem to think today’s problems will persist long into the future but more often than not the problems can’t endure to the end of the year, but we do. humans persist.

ok i’ll get back to posting pics of my dog and snowy mountains tomorrow 👏🏼

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When it’s windy from every direction but you pretend it’s intentional

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My huntin' buddy.

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Profiles in scorpio darlings, cont. 👅🔪🖤

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