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Yes yes yes yes yes. @tristamateer

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Life ain't game.

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I've waited too long for you. you promised you'd come back and i promised to wait for you. time turned flames to embers and you never came. now i've waited long enough to dethrone patience as a virtue. . —— follow @_theweirdpoet for more! thank you for reading my poems. ❤ . . . #poetrycommunity #poetry #omypoetry #poetsofinstagram #writersofinstagram #poem #writerscommunity #poetrygram #poetryofinstagram #poetryslam #poet #poems #pinoy #patience #waiting #writer #poetsofig #poetryofig #writers #untwineme #poetryisnotdead #poets #writersofig #pinoy #poetryporn #writing #bymepoetry #writers_den_ #bymepoetry #quotes

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This life is not worth me this life is not worth me, i remember when i was younger it was so much simpler and clear then things started to get rust on it. many people can pin point it to a single event in time of their life but i can not cause for me it happened gradually over a period of time and i was busy adjusting to it cause life is not just a simple race that we can run and keep running its the whole olympics with unknown events and the best thing you can do it adapt. quitting is not an option but at time agreed it feels like a necessity. there are two specific ways to look at things and this is the binary system on which the world is based, rest all are just abstract which forms around it. i have hopes and dreams and i should chase it but i can never figure them out. and in between the life ends. this is not just a personal case i be only so l feel its with most of us and we have gone for a hunt to find a talent and to be famous, but we forget that we only get famous in our society if it interest people or a documentary is made on it by someone renowned. and i also feel that popularity is just asking for approval from the people around and the world depending on what matters to us the most. i lived a simple life just like my dad who does not seek approval cause he is ready for what comes with a smile on him and yes he is really scared from the consequences, after all he is also human. that's  why i say that this life is not worth me cause i can never find a place to fit. so what is the use of this life? i like things simple and good, but its like solving an everlasting loop and in doing that we create many puzzles behind which could  be only solved by us. but wait ! we already forgot how. so we again go back to our binary nature and decide to solve it or leave it so that it comes back to haunt us in future. and neither of the choices have a guarantee of 100% happiness. so while we follow a path and life starts making sense (that's what we think) our time comes to an end and we leave wet eyes behind us. and i really think if that counts for the popularity that we seek. if there is no one to cry for you in the end, have you even lived? (1/2) contd...

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(2) ___ simple photostory. #18 link on bio _____________ this is a short visual-dialogue-photography project. ____________ #photostory #literature #miniseries #tumblr #photooftheday #poetryofig made with #canon

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(3) ___ simple photostory. #18 link on bio _____________ this is a short visual-dialogue-photography project. ____________ #photostory #literature #miniseries #tumblr #photooftheday #poetryofig made with #canon

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Mundane f*****g objects or silly little metaphors? pretending past faces still mean nothing more oh how the parade ox stumbles through the door with kerosene breath and no wall around the heart set the soul on fire or it will fall apart... #poem #poet #poetry #poetrycommunity #poetryofig #poemsofinstagram #writer #writersofinstagram #art #artist #highcontrast #mundane #loser #trainofthought #expressionism #blue #photoedit

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Although i’d rather be eternally awake in your arms.

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