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"i am a different person to different people. annoying to one. talented to another. quiet to a few. unknown to a lot. but who am i, to me?" πŸŽ­
artwork by @effenemea

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If it’s crazy to love you
i’m f*****g nuts.
i have candles
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o n a m a z o n πŸ“š
{astoria, nyc}

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Who taught you 
to submerge your heart in ice
and stop feeling the quake
at the name of your love.
{don't you remember how fun it is
that roaring in your ears
when you see that one smile?}
who taught you
to freeze your tears
and set your heart inside
so when you see love walk away
you can say, they must feel this is right
{don't you know, all love wants
is for you to ask it to stay}
who taught you
to try so hard not to feel something
that you feel nothing at all.
{don't you know, grief is a biased teacher}
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wonderful art by @evaramoss

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Be with someone who makes loving you feel easyπŸ₯€

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keep doing what needs to be done for you. healing takes time. listen to yourself.

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I heard you
crying as i left
i just couldn’t
keep walking backwards.
i have candles
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o n a m a z o n πŸ“š
{central park}

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Take your time,
kiss me gently,
i want to relish each moment,
taking all your tension away,
and replacing it with
sweet sighs of contentment.
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art by the amazing @fridacastelli
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