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Одиночество... solitude...

comment 36 star 1,382 May 2018

After putting 2hr efforts in connecting wires without electrocution instead of buying a longer fairy light pack, this is where we have reached.
there is no professionalism, but only duct tape everywhere but the black hides it all and also the photographs but like y'all get the hint right!
are you ready for winters?? cuzz the winter is comingggg!!!!!!

comment 4 star 79 2 days ago

A poem for some mid week motivation! ❤🌻

comment 4 star 77 2 days ago

Still learn and learn,looking for a perfect result and character..
oliver sykes from bmth "15x21"

#drawing #sketch #pencil #manual #portrait #bmth #oliversykes

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"i hope you remember to choose a road to travel on and not stand still at the cross roads"

comment 3 star 83 Yesterday

I wrote this short piece on human plight at a stage where they look for a light, a spark, a ray of hope, something to make them carry on 🌻
thanks to the artist for this perfect illustration.

comment 2 star 70 Yesterday

Off for fish... БМРТ Капитан Богомолов. Снова в рейс... #мурманск #murmansk

comment 36 star 906 July 2018

I love this picture, the sketch, the shadows, it just fits like a sock to every aspect of my aesthetic ❤🌻

comment 3 star 65 16 hours ago