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This is your chance. this is your voice. this is your right. go out and vote so your voice can be heard. wanna do something about the issues you have with policies? here’s one way to do it. i can promise you arguing about it on social media is not changing anything! go out and vote!!! #novotenovoice #georgiavoter #pauldingcounty #election2018

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One of our deputies brought this to our attention after a really long stressful day at work recently. when they ordered their lunch at a local restaurant, one of our amazing citizens bought their lunch for them. you never know what one random act of kindness can do to change a person’s day. thank you to that random, kind-hearted person. you have no idea how much you impacted our deputies life that day! #pauldingsheriff #ourcitizensarethebest #community #pauldingcounty #thankyou #randomactofkindness

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Cops for kids 2018. the kids have had a great time! merry christmas! #pauldingsheriff #copsforkids #merrychristmas #pauldingcounty

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What do you do when the internet makes a meme about you? you embrace it and wish everyone a merry christmas! fyi: our smart car patrols the silver comet trail in paulding county to help keep our citizens safe while they exercise. #pauldingsheriff #sheriffsmartcar #babycopcar #babyshark #silvercomettrail #pauldingcounty

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This evening a couple of our deputies went to pick up a “to-go” dinner order for the jail staff. when they went to pay, a generous and anonymous paulding resident (pictured) paid for the entire jail staff’s dinner. we want to give that kind, generous lady a heartfelt “thank you”. we appreciate your generosity. #pauldingsheriff #community #thankyou #pauldingcounty #weloveourcitizens

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