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I’ve been loving the weekend mounto rides with @matthewrizzuto lately. can’t wait to hit up some pairs racing with this legend at @porttoportmtb & @capetocapemtb this year. thanks @tiffencycling for releasing him from his contractual obligations on the road so he can follow his dreams on f*t tyres. 😂
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I am ready to drink copious amounts of prosecco and pretend to watch some horses 🥂🐎 #pointtopoint #p2p #hicksandbrown #schoffel #dubarryofireland #lodgewaycountrywear

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Yeah um,, we still don’t know what we wanna do when we get older😬💜 #p2p

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The last 6 weeks have been nothing short of amazing. i am so proud of myself for pushing through the hard days, the “i don’t want to eat this or workout today” days, the sick momma and sick kiddo days (which unfortunately were most of the challenge), but i am so glad i did this for myself!! i needed it for me, as my outlet, to be the best i can be for not only myself, but my husband and my babies. thank you to my #fitfam for supporting me and helping me with babysitting the kids so i could workout daily. you guys have been my rock and i absolutely could not have done this without your support & help. also, thank you to the brentwood coaches who day in and day out pushed me to keep pushing during an insane workout, lift heavier and all around be a better version of myself, i am beyond thankful for you! this program works and it has some amazing people facilitating it. it feels great to know that i have completed my 6 week challenge (2 days early) and lost a total of 23.6 lbs! the challenge may be over but i’m not done yet, y’all! my fitness journey is just beginning! 👊👍
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Nunca é tarde! qualificação da tese = ousadia + provocações - noites de sono. excelente banca, com contribuições muito relevantes, desafiadoras e criativas; que instigaram a ousar ainda mais! imensa gratidão pela orientação da profa. ariádne scalfoni rigo, e pela participação respeitosa e profícua dos profs. fábio ferreira ufba, jeová torres junior ufca e jorge luiz dos santos junior ufes. novas evonomias? antigas práticas? ideologias, tecnologias e bens comuns. sociedade, governo e mercado. #tese #economiadocompartilhamento #compartilhamento #colaboracao #sharingeconomy #collaborativeeconomy #commonsense #p2p

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