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Creepy creepy smiles. keep telling myself i should post more to assure people i’m not dead but keeping things more private and personal has made experiences more eh, fun. in all honesty i find that the more i travel the less i want to post about it. i’m having déjà vu writing this because i think i have wrote about this a couple times before. i used to use social media as a platform to share what i was doing at every moment so i could build a resume and get a job with it full time aaaand now that i’m doing digital and social media for companies i just want to lay low on my own profile and focus on the digital media i’m creating for other companies. hopefully that makes sense. i did get some nifty knives to test so i will be doing some more knife posting in the future on here but i did want you all to know why i’ve been laying low. just focusing on my job and not on sharing every flipping moment of my life has made me more productive. i also feel really lucky in the fact that i’m able to move around a lot and don’t want to brag about having the ability to do that because i know vast majority of people do not have the mobility with their job that i have and i feel like it’s kind of s****y rubbing it in people’s faces. i’m saving up a lot of travel photos and i’ll probably post them when i’m not moving around so much. if you are reading this right now you should probably get off your phone and go outside somewhere. that’s what i’m planning to do with the rest of my day here on the west coast. heading back to michigan soon to experience fall in my home state. happy sunday you crazy kids.

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This is my favorite place on the gorge. it was closed after the fire that had happened and i didn’t know when i would get to go back or if it would ever be the same. i was so happy to get to go back this weekend and it was just as beautiful. 🌊

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It seems like only yesterday that we were awaiting calving season in the valley, but the elk rutting season has now arrived! lasting until mid-october, the elk rut is a time when male elk (bulls) mate with their female counterparts (cows).
during this time, bulls become aggressive. follow these tips from @parks.canada to keep wildlife safe this season:
- keep at least 30 metres away
- never get between the males and females
- keep your dog on leash

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I love fall 💛

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Sedona, az.
posted with written permission from the photographer, @jharvey33. #explorearizona

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Hiking is better with dogs, agree, or disagree? comment below 🐶👇🏽👇🏽🐶(📷@arielleshipe )
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Tbt entrenando con la genia de @gisellecesin en colorado 💜

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