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Throwback to spring!🌳🌸

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Yesterdays landscape was like von wright's painting. fujifilm i x-t2 i xf16-55

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Endless roads through alberta 🏔wilderness tones explorer @driftingphoto

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Watching yesterday’s sunrise over winnats pass w/ @hannes_becker @bobbimac @ryansheppeck @joshkempsmith @tomkahler and @nickramseyy 👌🏼 // #hellofrom

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It’s finally weekend and i am more than excited!!😁 i finished my final uni exams yesterday and today i felt kinda hungovered from all the tiredness and stress😅 i’m gonna spend the whole weekend with my family, theo and friends. it’s smth i really missed the last few weeks!
how are u planning to spend this weekend?

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Oh iceland 🇮🇸 can’t wait to be back sometime 🤙🏻

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Hello world! 🦁 stiefenhofen, germany.
photo by @wildwestallgaeualpaka | #thedwproject #discoverwildlife

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When i was younger i wanted to be in front of camera, acting and being photographed. i dreamt about being as beautiful as selena gomez. i loved how flawless girls acted in front of camera, how beautiful they looked and how much fun they seemed to have. growing older i was amazed by their confidence and that they looked great no matter what situation they were in. i saw photos of girls in magazines and i always wanted to be as cute & as beautiful as them. but finally standing on stage acting or in front of camera i wouldn’t be as amazed as i imagined to be. of course i loved acting, being someone else on stage. but it wasn’t meant to be the right for me. when i saw videos and photos my parents took i never looked like those cool and beautiful girls i saw on tv or in magazines. growing older i realized that i didn’t want to be the girl that other girls look up to because of their beauty or confidence. i changed my view on certain things. i wanted to make people feel the way i wanted to feel. so i grabbed my camera and asked girls, my friends and my sisters to model for me. i captured them exactly the way i saw them, natural & beautiful. i tried to focus on capturing them laughing, being truly happy. i tried to give them some of my positivity which had developed throughoutughout the years. i started realizing that everyone is different and equal & most importantly beautiful in their own way. i became aware of the fact that being beautiful is not measured on the way you look, your size or the way you dress. no being beautiful is measured on the way you act, the way you treat people and the way you see the world. becoming a photographer made me understand that i don’t want to be kept in mind because of a beautiful face or great body shape. no i want to be remembered because of the way i make people feel, i want to be called smart and gently rather than pretty. i want to be called hilarious & affectionate. i want people to feel great while being around me. i don’t want to be in front of camera anymore, i want to show people their raw beauty, i want to make them happy & hopefully that’s what they keep in mind when they think about me & my photography.

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