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Wearing vans at the beach was a bad idea

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A flash of yellow caught my eye

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An awesome shot of me taken by @dustinkahia at the @sonyalpha meetup!
shoot him a follow! his photos are 🔥

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Clownfish are very popular due to the disney movie "finding nemo", and like it's seen in the movie this fish live in a mutual symbiosis with anemones, where the clownfish protects the anemone from parasites and others predators and providing nutrients through their feces, on the other hand the anemone provides shelter to the fish.
one thing the movie got wrong was the fact that clownfish live in colonies where every one is born male and the most dominant and bigger fish becomes a female and only reproduces with the stronger one after her, and when this female dies or leaves the colony, one of the largest and most dominant males becomes a female, moving the remaining males a rank up in the hierarchy. so by this logic when the mom of nemo died the father should have become a female and reproduce with the only male available ( nemo ). you're never gonna see the movie the same way right?

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White elegance at my listing in the winthrop house!

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