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•swipe !! 🍑 because i got new leggings ,love these by @nvgtn material is so buttery soaaft ! #100post ————————————————————————
•should’ve gotten xs or idk if they carry xs nevertheless they fit !! now all i can do is grow and fill them in more ! 😉#snatchedwaist #waisttraining #hipsdontlie #leggings #legsfordays #gains #hustling #tacotuesday #hungry #blessed #texas #beautifuldaytobealive #nvgtn #happyday

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It’s amazing what reaching some goals before 7 am can do for your mood 🤩

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Bet you wouldn’t have guessed what was on my shirt 🔍 only in italy 🇮🇹
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Honest @freskincare review!

my skincare routine has always been pretty simple since i have very sensitive, combination skin that’s prone to small breakouts.

i also have eczema that i get on my eyelids and lips, so finding the right products has always been a challenge since most are so drying.

@freskincare reached out to me and wanted to #gift me the 123fré set so i could try out their products!

at first i was a little skeptical, but what the heck, i didn’t have anything to lose. 💙 the products came pretty quickly, and packaged in this cute lil box.

i’ve been using fré for probably 2 weeks now, every morning and every night to see how my skin responded. i wanted to give the products time to work on my skin before doing a review.

and let me tell you, the moisture levels in my skin as well as the suppleness have drastically increased since using them and this makes me so happy!! although i haven’t really seen much change with my small breakouts, but they’ve always been so stubborn anyways🙄

their products are formulated for sweating, active skin which why i’ve fallen in love with them!

fré gets the susie_squats stamp of approval fo sho.

they’ve also been kind enough to provide me with a 48 hour coupon code for you beauties!

the code is susiesquats and it’ll get ya 30% off your purchase!

give them a solid try. if ya don’t like the products, they also offer a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t enjoy your skins response 🥰

also, swipe for the real susie when your phone starts to fall as you’re filming 🙃

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Uh first of all hi do you recognize this mirror location?? no?? well then you obviously don’t follow @syd_progress & so my next question is what r u even doing???😱😖🤪
anywhooo i took the weekend off from the gym to recover from last week of traveling and exploring w syd. i was absolutely exhausted from traveling & my body genuinely needed some rest time to catch up on sleep & spend time w my big sisss💕 i’ve been cleaning out my old room to move back into it & redecorate it🌈
i’m moving back to my home town in two short weeks so be ready for some fun changes of scenaryyyyy🤩🤩🤩 new room, new gym, new adventures!🥰🤪
i’m applying to new jobs & honestly just getting ready for my life to change & im so ready for it. bring it on future.✨🌈
how did you spend your sunday!?💛
shorts: @lululemon
jacket: @nvgtn
edits: @daniel_hawk22 hes fire i know💛
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Big hair day todayyy; happy monday 💛🌈
@skywearthreads discount code: kendra15

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On push days i wear my bench sweatshirt it’s the rules

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