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🌟latest book review (youtube link in description 🎥) i don't work fridays by martin norbury - 4/10
i have reluctantly placed this book in the category of business & entrepreneurship when in actual fact, i believe it to be more of an autobiography.

the author, martin norbury (also nicknamed the scaleability coach) has tried to teach his scale model through his own discoveries and life story.

this idea is all well as good, and when executed correctly the author’s experience can add a lot of value to the principles that he is teaching.

however, in this book, norbury seems to forget about his readers. he talks about his experiences and his thoughts and his takeaways from various events, rather than clearly outlining what the reader should be learning.

there is useful and actionable content in this book, and it comes in the form of the scale model, but it doesn't start until chapter 12 on page 117!
overall, i was thoroughly disappointed by the little amount of business content.
have you read this book? let me know what you thought.
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#chill by bryan robinson provides a calendar like book that gives each month a meaning and topic, the topics are very helpful and help you examine every aspect of your life. this book should be read over the period of a year to get the full effect
key points 🔑
- turn off your autopilot - look at the big picture of your life to reveal blind spots - commit to active family participation instead of hanging out on the sidelines
use link in bio to buy now
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When that black friday book outlet book haul (say that five times fast...) finally arrives...
📚 🐈 🛋 📚 🐈 🛋 📚
i picked up: [ ] 📖 pastoralia by george saunders [ ]
📖 one day (we’ll all be dead and none of) this will matter by scaachi koul [ ]
📖 the meaning of michelle edited by veronica chambers [ ]
📖 men we reaped and sing, unburied, sing by jesmyn ward [ ]
📖 this is how it always is by laurie frankel [ ]
📖 the way i used to be by amber smith [ ]
📖 all the ugly and wonderful things by bryn greenwood [ ]
📖 night by ellie wiesel [ ]
📚 📚 📚 📚 📚 📚
any thoughts on what to pick up first?
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The reading women award nonfiction winner this year is educated by tara westover.⠀
this book is one we kept thinking about. considering how long it stayed in our minds and hearts, to be slightly clichéd, really is a testament to how moving it is.⠀
in this book, tara westover tells the story of growing up in a fundamentalist mormon household in rural idaho. the book’s refers to both her formal education—how she went from someone who didn’t go to high school to someone who studied at harvard and now has a phd— and her education, growth, and developing as a person. it is a hard book to read—there’s some domestic violence in it—but at the same time i think it’s a really important book that talks about a subset of american culture that really doesn’t get talked about that much.⠀
she examines her own past as a historian, since that’s what she’s been trained as, and you can really see that in the writing. she goes back and interviews primary sources—members of her family and gathers their accounts of things that happened as well as her own memories. we have so much respect for the fact that she acknowledges how memory can be unreliable but how at the same time, things that happened still had an impact on who she was as a person.⠀
you can hear more of our discussion about this book on the podcast. ⠀⠀
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For the dad or history buff in your life: gift a new york times bestseller like churchill by andrew roberts or in the hurricane’s eye by @natphilbrick! tap each book to learn more. #vikingholidaygifts

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“the power of positive thinking” was the first personal development book i read & i haven’t been the same since. it opened up a world to so much wisdom that i didn’t even know existed 🙏🏿✨
photo by @getbetterwithbooks 📸

what’s the first self help book you've read?
for more gems from the wisest books, follow @booksforthewise 📚⚡️

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Do all of you read non-fiction way slower that fiction, too? 👀📖 i am in the middle of a very wonderful and thought-provoking book on bringing ✨joy✨ into our physical existence and i can’t wait to keep reading it. however, i find that i want to digest it in 30 page chunks rather than reading a quick 60 on the train or after work, which is more my fiction mo. there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this and i actually enjoy the change in pace when i do reach for a more research-based non-fiction title. i am curious if you all feel this way, too, though!

💭 give me all your thoughts about non-dictions! 💭 do you like reading nf? what kinds! do you read them alongside fiction books? (i don’t because then i’ll never finish.) let’s chat about it! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

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This snowy weather’s got us in the mood to curl up with a book and l e a r n some things! 🧠⚡️ if you love a good history, or need a book for someone who loves to drop knowledge, these microhistories are a great place to start. see more in our stories! #microhistory #history #nonfiction #bookstack #knowledgeispower

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@scribnerbooks #partner 📖 book review 📖
i realized i haven’t done a book review over here in a while. i’ve been reading, but i just haven’t posted reviews here. and i missed heartland because i switched my theme for december and my photo looks a little november, back before my bookstacks became a book tree. 😉
heartland by sarah smarsh is a memoir about a girl from kansas who grows up poor on a farm and gets herself out of the cycle of her family—a long cycle of teenage mothers—to make something more of herself. very interesting even if it was a little slower read! i liked that it was set up as written to the unborn daughter she refused to have—or really to a version of herself that she refused to be. a unique and eye-opening look at farming and poverty in america. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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