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*mgmt* #freekernel🚔👮🏻‍♂️you know how ethnic people tend to get discriminated against? it happens to people with service dogs too. today at brunch, the cops were called on me, kernel, and my cousin, all of whom were well behaved. besides ordering, the only convos we had were with the owner, who followed us around asking if i was “special needs,” and the waiter who said i‘m required to carry papers for kernel - not true. i showed him proof that he is only allowed to ask, “is that a service dog?” and “what task is your dog trained to perform?” as we were leaving, i waited at the counter for a to-go box and was completely ignored. then, @bostonpolice pulled up. i was shocked, upset and laughing at the same time. he met kernel/us and was as confused as we were. service dogs don’t need to be marked, but kernel was wearing his sd collar & leash. we are always respectful and ate quietly in an upstairs corner. while i strive to keep the popo out of my shizz (besides kernel’s pawsonal friend, @bpdpcgross the first black bpd commissioner ever!!), today’s cop agreed. this was discrimination and a violation of my rights, and the restaurant was written up for the incident. i requested an apology from the owner and he sincerely gave me that, so i will absolutely be back again... with my service dog. #adayinthelife #wasteoftaxmoney 😈👿

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Last weekend marta and i went for a hike with three other guys from the farm. when we reached the waterfall after a challenging climb our companions displayed their elation with yells, howls and an overall exuding of "manliness". we took turns stepping under the crashing waterfall, not commenting on the brutality of the water’s force, while marta stood quietly alone watching the dense clouds turn to water on the mountainside. while i didn't engage in all of the celebrating, i could still feel that draw, the pressure to be a part of the group, to assert myself as the loudest, or strongest, or most brave.
acting “like a man” refers to behaviors defined by generations of hyper masculine men normalizing abuse, alcoholism, s****l violence, inequality, and the list goes on. personalities change depending on who we’re with and where we are; acting tough “with the boys,” chivalrous on a date, and then unloading years of repressed emotions onto a partner who creates a feeling of safety through unconditional love.
in my opinion, being a man is about living with integrity; being who you are all of the time. doing anything because it is what you choose to do and not because all the guys are doing it. i do a lot of things that aren't “manly.” i'm a yogi: i'm really flexible and proud that when i'm warmed up i'm almost comfortable in a split. i'm a vegetarian: i think it's wrong to k**l animals and a detriment to my health all around. i choose to spend a lot of time with marta: “whipped,” “wifed up,” and once called my “master.”
there have been moments in my life, in groups of men, that i followed the pack, acting in ways that i am not proud of, saying things i would never repeat now, being someone else and conforming to the mold.
these days, i'm unlearning it all. i'm throwing away everything i don't want, all the ideas of being a man's man, or old school, or whatever other clichés we use to conceal the fact that if we aren't breaking the mold, we’re just doing exactly what they taught us.

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"အမုန္းေတြေခါက္ထားလိုက္" red carpet show ရဲ႕ လႈပ္႐ွားမႈပံုရိပ္တခ်ိဳ႕
video by life photography 🎥
makeup by mayoo(magic)
dress by phyo ko
event arrangement by star event's production
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thz u all 😍😍😍

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Judgement 🌿
we have such weird societal ideals about bodies. i shaved one armpit and kept the other side unshaved for this photo. does one side make you feel uncomfortable? why?
why do we care so much about what other people do with their own bodies?
whenever i have armpit hair it’s seen as “unhygienic” or “gross” but it’s not when men have armpit hair? and why are men judged for shaving their armpit hair?
we have bigger issues in the world than who is shaving and who isn’t.
we need to stop judging people for things that are natural, such as body hair, tummy rolls, stretch marks, cellulite, acne.
what do people gain from bringing someone else down? does it make them feel better? why do they do it?
do you ever think about this when you talk negatively about yourself?
don’t judge yourself or anyone for their looks.
don’t be ashamed of your body hair. do what you want with it.
don’t be ashamed of normal things that occur on your body.
at the end of the day we should care about who we are as a person, not about the way we look.
it’s not okay to hate on other people because they’re different from you.
we are all human. we all have our own lives and our own issues. think before you say things because you never know what someone is going through and how it could affect them. 🌴☀️
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@xlilhuddy ~11:11-1/2/2019 ~talking to the moon~
this human right here deserves the world and doesn’t deserve to be sad. chase has helped me through everything in life sadness everything. and when i meet after 2-3 years i finally felt happy and felt like my self but now he is not. chase if see this or read this just know you mean everything to me and words can’t explain how much i love you. you literally mean a lot to me and that if you are sad a ball in tears right now. and please know u are human and it’s ok it gets better. crying is human let it all out. love you chase 💕💕🥰🥰 please stay strong i’m here. i’m just a dm away. #nomorehate #chasehudson #xlilhuddyedit #huddygang #cloutsgrprct1

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