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☀️👙tomorrow is officially the first day of summer! do you have a favorite sunscreen? there is no such thing as too much in this house with these 90+ degree days! i've searched the internet high and low and these are the ones we are loyal to-from consumer ratings to clean ingredients, i've been pleased with all of these and keep repurchasing. before every swim, i lather us up in the mineral lotions (aveeno, blue lizard, thinkbaby) and will reapply with the sprays (sun bum, neutrogena) during pool breaks. no sunburns yet! • thinkbaby safe sunscreen spf 50+
• blue lizard sensitive sunscreen spf 30+
• sun bum moisturizing sunscreen spray spf 50+
•aveeno baby mineral sunscreen lotion spf 50+
• neutrogena spray sunscreen spf 70+

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Coucou les filles j'espère que vous allez bien ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ alors vous étiez nombreuses à me demander qsq j'utilise comme gel nettoyant le voilà je vous présente ce gel nettoyant et masque deep clean de @neutrogena 🙈utilisé comme un nettoyont quotidien il elimine les impuretés et les traces de maquillage il nettoye et apaise la peau et aussi il réduit les imperfections 👻👽utilisé comme un masque il améliore la texture de la peau et unifie le teint. - bon point: peau propre fraîche et nette , réduit les imperfections après plusieurs usages il fait son job parfaitement -mauvais point: - je n 'en ai pas trouvé et voilà c est tout pour ce soir j espère que le post vous plaît 😊❤️❤️😀 douce nuit et beaux rêves 🌘🌘bisou à tous 💋💋💋#instamoment #instalife #instapic #insatlover #instagramers#instabeauty #neutrogena #algeria #dubai #france #fachion #tunisie #maroc #istanbul #loveyouall #amour #bonheur #girly #babygirl #beauty#beauté #❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Oh the things we do to have good skin and to try to keep our youth.
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I worked with @neutrogena to bring you this post and they gave me the chance to review their new! neutrogena acne proofing gel cleanser & their acne proofing daily scrub! i have been incorporating these two products into my daily routine for the passed week and it has done wonders for my skin. these images are filter free to make sure you guys get the whole effect of how great it works with my skin.
➡️ swipe to see my routine & my goofy self 😊
these cleansers are oil free & can be used to either prevent acne or clear up acne! i use the cleanser twice a day and my process has taken roughly 5 minutes to get the job done!
my skin feels amazing and i’m very thankful for the opportunity to try out this new product! .
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I have been mia cause i’ve been trying to get my skin together lol! still a work in progress! but thank u as always to my new friends @neutrogenacanada and my old pals @influenster ca @influenster for hooking it up .
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Vitamin e to protect your skin. vitamin e, found in avocados, almonds and sunflower seeds, is a powerful antioxidant that has been shown to improve skin by reducing inflammation.
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Even though winter is here your skin will still need some protection. come in store and stock up on sunscreen with our huge 40% skincare sale.
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I have quite a few sunscreens like i like to rotate, because i'm always trying new ones because i'm searching for the perfect sunscreen, but i think it only exists in my mind🤔
i do love the neutrogena ultra sheer dry touch. this has been my go to for about 2 years. it's cheap and easy accessible which is a huge plus. i use sunscreen everyday and go through bottles fairly quickly.
it applies nicely, isn't too thick, and it's drying! which is probably the thing i look for the most in sunscreens. i don't really like physical sunscreens because i feel like they dry out my skin too much, but i want to use them so bad, but i haven't been able to find one i love☹
this one leaves no white cast and even when i wear this to the beach in florida, i don't burn if i'm consistent with reapplying. it's a great sunscreen for those who are overwhelmed with all different sunscreens. i don't find it greasy, but i'm not oily. and i've never broken out from neutrogena sunscreens! sorry for the essay, i'm just picky/passionate about sunscreens, depending on how you look at it!

leave your sunscreen recs/favorite sunscreens in the comments! i'd love to hear them!💕💕

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Hola mis bellas.. 🤗🤗 les presento un infaltable en mi rutina facial: "jabón en barra - limpiadora facial" de @neutrogenaco 💧es una barra de limpieza facial transparente que contiene glicerina ingrediente que al usarse en combinación con otros inhredientes promueve la retención de humedad. ✔
💧como ya les he contado mi piel es muy cambiante y a veces la zona de los pómulos se pone muy seca cuando generalmente es normal así que ha sido un excelente aliado en estos días para mantener estable mi piel. ✔
💧deja la piel muy limpia y suave.
💧es hipoalérgenico, promete no obstruir los poros y ser para todo tipo de piel. ✔
💧dice no contener colorantes, detergentes ni endurecedores agresivos. ✔
💧tiene un olor bastante peculiar, que apenas enjuaga no siente más. ✔
💧trae su respectiva fecha de vencimiento, pesa 99 grs aunque indica que puede perder hasta 10grs así que estaríamos hablando de 89 grs por el precio de 10.000 pesos colombianos más o menos. ✔✔ 💙en mi piel mixta ha funcionado a la perfección, me gusta variar y no utilizar un sólo producto todos los días por lo que lo varió con dos más (el de la reseña anterior y otro que más adelante les reseñare) no me queda más que decirles que este es un recomendadisímo total, a menos que te molesten los aromas en los productos, a mi en particular no me molestan si permanecen en mi piel unos par de minutos. 😘😘👍👍 #cleanskincare #skincare #neutrogena #neutrogenagirl #facialsoap #review #loveforskincare #piel #limpieza #suavidad

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Eu juroooo que fui na @drogariavenancio da buenos só pra comprar um sabonete pro meu rosto 😂😂😂 gente por que farmácia é tão bom? #perguntaquenãoquercalar 😍
itens da comprinha 🙂: 🌟 sabonete corporal by @simpleskincarebr ($10,90) | sabonete facial deep clean by @neutrogenabr ($14,17)| 🌟 máscara facial by @dermagebrasil ($11,90) 👉🏽 desliza pra ver as opções que tem por lá 😉
resenhando tudo em breve! 🙊 postei achados no stories 💋💋

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Para quem não acompanha nossas histórias: encontrei esse kit com 3 pacotes de lenços demaquilantes da neutrogena de 44,90 por apenas 19,90!! para quem é de petrópolis, encontrei nas lojas americanas do centro. o preço provavelmente é por conta da validade estar próxima de vencer, agosto de 2018, mas eu uso tanto que nem liguei e também acho que isso não estraga assim tão fácil, só ter bom senso 🤩❤️

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summer is definitely here in the sunshine state. the new launched @neutrogena hydro boost water gel lotion sunscreen is just what i needed. it has very thin consistency and not sticky, my skin feels moisturized and protected. available in spf 30 and 50. don’t forget your sun protection babes, you’ll thank me later. 😘

thank you so much @neutrogena
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