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Whenever someone asks me for a book recommendation, these are my top books that i always choose.

what are your favourite books to recommend to people?? also i was tagged by the lovely @mischievouslymanagedbooks to do the #flowerythingsandbookstag 🌹first fandom: winnie the pooh or anything disney. 🌷favourite book: six of crows. 🌻favourite female character: mia corvere. 🌸favourite male character: either nikolai or kaz. 🌺hardcover or paperback: hardcover is nicer to look at but i prefer reading paperbacks

#allthebooksjan19 - recommend my favourite books

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I had trouble narrowing my list down to just ten books so here's my top 14 of 2017. i think it's a good mix - contemporary fiction, some classics and modern classics, a few books from the man booker list, a short story collection and two excellent translations. we have always lived in the castle was a re-read, patricia highsmith has been among my favourite writers for a long time but all the other authors were new to me.

the books are arranged in no particular order but if i had to recommend just one book, i think i would go with city of thieves. i rarely ever see it on instagram but it deserves more attention; and it's the perfect winter read - you'll feel the cold in your bones, i promise!

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"Какой смысл в одиночестве среди людей? Когда ты один, хотя бы есть весомая причина чувствовать себя одиноким"

Как же я люблю книги про тонких девочек с трагической судьбой <3


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Another #sundayshelfie containing a few of my favourites. some miss reads can be seen...along with a few vmc designer a couple of p.d. james and a glimpse of some folios. all excellent books but have the added attraction of wonderful dust jackets/covers by some of my favourite designers.
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The illustrations in qoaad made the book for me 😍. but i have to admit, i really, really, really wanted to care for this series, but d**n did the ending fall flat. the entire book was building towards what would happen if parabatai fell in love and the c****x was huge (!!!) and then it was just meh after that. what did everyone else think about it? or the dark artifices series as a whole? .
i have to admit though, i have a soft spot for emma carstairs. we love a blonde heroine.
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#saturdaybookstack here are some of the books by my favourite @paullinasimons ❤️ i forgot to include two more of her books in this stack (eleven hours and road to paradise!); they are on my other bookshelf so missed them in this stack.

the bronze horseman series are my favourite books of all time (i may or may not have collected over 50 copies of this series all over the woled😍); i have loved every single one of her other book i have read so far. she could do no wrong! i have cried, i have laughed, i have swooned, i have even scream (one in particular!!!!) while reading her books. she makes me feel things i have never felt before; she opens my eyes with her incredible story telling and has literally changed my life with her books.

i am currently reading her upcoming release the tiger catcher and i am so in love with her impeccable writing and i am so moved by her ability to capture readers’ heart yet again!

i am savouring this book and i cannot wait for all of you to read it on 28 may! book 2 a beggar’s kingdom is out in august and book 3 inexpressible island is out in december. i just know they are going to be epic and we are all going to fall deeply in love with these characters!

i highly recommend all her books to you! she is my favourite!

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You might charitably assume that this battered copy has been ‘worn away with love’, well, sort of, but it was also the victim of a freak wave on the beach. i returned from a swim to find a concerned citizen fishing the rising tide out of the water. this is called irony and i had very little sense of humour about it at the time.
this is one of the novels that led me to my favourite subject: the country house in literature. i was in my teens when i first devoured it and now find its style rather scented but that ‘scent’ does a terrific job of conveying the luxurious discomfort of the great irish country house of garonlea (which is actually based in warleigh manor near bath: worth a google if you like sandstone crenellations and i do). despite this grasp of atmosphere, molly keane asks: how far we can ever have a real sense of the past? what is lost irrevocably and what can be saved? at it’s simplest, this is a battle between the old queen and the young queen — lady charlotte and her daughter-in-law, cynthia, for the role of lady of the manor. lady charlotte french-macgrath is an edwardian despot; cynthia will lead garonlea triumphantly into the roaring twenties, only to find that as noel coward said, if you are too modern ‘one is apt to grow old-fashioned quickly’. it is a gothic novel in the most fundamental sense that it is about power and powerlessness: there is a scenein in which lady charlotte compels her twenty-eight-year-old daughter to eat an apple at dinner, that will make your throat close.
there are some utterly chilling lines:
‘she was mean, though not so mean as her husband, who she had taught to be mean.’
those who love daphne du maurier’s evocation of old houses and cruelty, will enjoy the rising tide; it is a compelling, highly atmospheric and thought-provoking read and i highly recommend it.
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It's the weekend! what you up to?
me, i'm stepping out of my comfort zone and going hang-gliding for the first time. wish me luck!
in this post i'm continuing with my favourite 100 books countdown - please do let me know where i've gone wrong in my choices! featured today is numbers 90 to 81. 🤣

here's some random highlights: .
● sylvia plath's the bell jar has a special place in my heart as the first book i ever posted on my bookstagram account, but it's here because it's an amazing story which is as relevant now as when it was written. 🐰
● anne bronte's the tenant of wildfell hall. i'm going to be perfectly honest this one needs to move up. i don't know about you guys, depending on the day of the week i have a different favourite bronte sister. another day the tenant will be top, then villette, then wuthering hs. this is a cracking story though. 🐶
● the grass harp. given what else truman capote wrote you may be surprised this is my favourite of his. the reason why i love it so is that it has harper lee's fingerprints all over it. just read this and tkam together. it's beautiful. 📚

the full list is on my blogsite - click the link in my bio if you want to have a peak. and remember, these are just my favourites, there is no objective judgement of their relative merits implied. 😎
are any of these on your list? .
81. the tenant of wildfell hall, by anne bronte
82. the buddha of suburbia, by hanif kureshi
83. the bell jar, by sylvia plath
84. their eyes were watching god, by zora neale hurston
85. middlemarch, by george eliot
86. eugenie grandet, by honore de balzac
87. sense and sensibility, by jane austen
88. the grass harp, by truman capote
89. the heart is a lonely hunter, by carson mccullers
90. manon lescaut, by abbe prévost
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"kochany tato,
nie znamy się, ale moim zdaniem to się powinno zmienić. jeśli też tak uważasz, przyjdź 18 maja, w dzień ojca i syna, do colet court. to szkoła należąca do saint paul's w barnes, tuż n*d brzegiem tamizy. będę na ciebie czekał przy wejściu.
samuel noam valentiner"
ale tata sama, były korespondent wojenny, w którego życiu nie było dotąd miejsca na rodzinę, w wyniku nieszczęśliwego splotu okoliczności trafia nie na spotkanie z synem, tylko w stanie śpiączki do szpitala. przy jego łóżku sam spotyka kobietę, która mogła być dla jego ojca miłością życia; zakochuje się też w dziewczynie w śpiączce, maddie, tancerce znanej z pewnego sławnego videoclipu...
znacie tę historię? czytaliście "księgę snów"? nina george to jedna z moich ulubionych autorek. czytałam wszystkie trzy jej powieści wydane u nas, i każdą z nich bardzo lubię, ale "księgę snów" po prostu kocham!💖 *
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