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Hello fellow book enthusiasts! i am new to the bookstagram community, so i thought i'd give a bit of an introduction with my first post. ⭐️
my name is hailey and i live in canada🇨🇦 ( home and native land🎶). i am a bookworm through and through and especially love the thriller and mystery genre🕵🏼‍♀️. when i'm not reading, i love to be in the great outdoors🌲, play with my dog, or spend time with family and friends.👨‍👩‍👧🐶 i am halfway through my bachelors degree in criminal justice and am hoping to carry on to law school afterwards (fingers crossed)!⚖️📓
what about you guys?! tell me something about yourselves!

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Five stars is not nearly enough for just one by c.e. johnson! this book is the second in the in the dark series, but it can be read alone! i literally got goosebumps while reading the final paragraph!

daphne has lived her life around her brother jarrod and his mental illness. after a life changing event occurs daphne's entire life is turned upside down. from rock bottom daphne realizes there's more to her manager finn then meets the eye(both literally and figuratively speaking!) finn reveals he has been in love with daphne since the day she came into his irish pub for a waitress job. finn is amazing for daphne because she's never felt loved by though who should've made her feel that way.

will the bond and love between daphne and finn be able to withstand all that life will throw at them?
the story is amazing! i fell in love with finn immediately. the twists are fantastic! i thought i knew what was happening the whole time.. but c.e. johnson pulled the rug right under me. i'm pretty sure my mouth was open for a good five minutes when i found out one of the twist!

it only takes one great book to hook you on an author and this book is definitely the one to do that!

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‘like a girl’ by aparna jain is a book of short inspirational stories of famous female personalities who have faced hardships in their lives and overcame them paving their own path to success. written adequately in easy language, it’s an empowering read for all especially girls. full review of the book is up on my blog. go check it out! link in bio.
thank you @westland_books for the copy of the book for review.
q: which is your favourite inspirational book as of yet? .
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You’ve followed her throughout the six seasons of “power list asia” - the series on business personalities brought to you by channel news asia. now’s the opportunity for you to meet her in person - this saturday, 2pm, at our main store (level 4, takashimaya s. c.).

‘power talk: insights from asia's leading entrepreneurs’ is written by media and business consultant c*m tv series producer and host, karen lam. featuring more than 20 powerlisters and a range of topics such as crisis management, brand building, expanding westward and succession planning, this book is a must-read for any asian entrepreneur on the cusp of that next league.

dickson tang is a leadership ideas expert who focuses on how leadership will evolve in the future of work. his research, writing, speaking and workshops demonstrate how leadership and creativity can be of practical benefit to individuals, leaders and organizations who want to develop winning edges over robots and get ready for the future of work.

take his lead to ready and better yourselves for the future (of work), by joining him at a meet-the-author event that will take place after karen lam’s event, at 4pm. swipe to view details!

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“anytime there is a new road or network to connect people, it will shift business whether you agree with it or not.” ⠀
-- #scottbintz from the #book #principlestofortune⠀

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I’ve been saving this book for a rainy day. today is the day ! can’t put it down . just get it & read it ! you will absolutely love it ! @msrachelhollis thank you for sharing your real s**t & treasures , you are my kinda girl ! #girlwashyourface

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@ambicauppal @ashweenkaurlamba #thankyoucalifornia#loveandpain #lovehurts#mustreadbook #mustreadpublication. i had tears while reading this.#poetrybook

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I have read this book twice in the past four days.the first time i read it ,i was blown away with the atmospheric writing and the layers of philosophy embedded in poetic prose.the story shifts between the living and the death, the past and the present and between darkness and light so effortlessly and fluidly that boundaries are lost at times and the reader realises he is lost in an abstract dream .i read it the second time to understand the story better and to revisit all the characters dead and living again.
at the beginning of the story ,it looks as though it is the story of juan preciado,who has come the mexican town of comala to search for his father pedro paramo ,as instructed by his mother on her deathbed.he finds a ghost town filled with ghostly characters (or are they all?) and loses track of time and space.and then,the flashbacks begin and at the end of it all we realise that it is in reality ,the story of pedro paramo ,his wicked rise and tragic fall and his blind love for susanna san juan "a woman of another world", which is futile till the end.i am not going to give another detail because it will spoil the sheer pleasure of reading this story.some books have to be discovered by the reader to truly enjoy their greatness.the story is narrated by characters who have all had tragic lives filled with blind hopes ,corrupted by the pedro's wicked deeds in some way or the other ,that they have also died tragic deaths.
there is so much to discuss about this book.salvation in death is a frequently occurring theme as is godly forgiveness for misdeeds,the uselessness of confessions,absolution of sins and the futility of life and love and lost hopes.
however ,the question that arose in my mind ,once i finished this book was ,"can any man love a woman so much "? and the lines of the song "oh susanna" came to mind,
"i soon will be in new orleans, and then i'll look around, 
and when i find susanna, i'll fall upon the ground. 
but if i do not find her, then i will surely die, 
and when i'm dead and buried, oh, susanna, don't you cry."
after all ,as pedro himself says ,"nothing lasts forever.there is no memory ,however intense that does not fade"

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Vacay!!! my first time in williams az. love it!! i’m hoping to find some of that gold! @jackiecampos2463

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Hello, hello everyone out there! 👋🏻🖐🏻👋🏻🖐🏻👋🏻🤩☀️🌈☄️💥 alrighty, so these and some more of my physically pre-ordered “babies” 📗 are in the look out for some new homes 💛, including parents 👧🏻🧒🏼👦🏽👱🏻‍♀️🧑🏻👩🏻. so if you happen to be interested in getting your personal signed ✍🏻 copy for 10 bu🐜🦗🕷🐛🦋z instead of $14.88 via amazon, then please shoot me a message @ lindaswizz@ and we shall take it from there... 😃🎉🔮🙌🏻🦅😉🙏🏻 to any within the 🇺🇸 shipped 📦 will be a $3.17 📯fee added & international shipping ”unfortunately” costs $23.00 😳😳😳🤯🙄🤔☺️🤪... thanxoxo for your interest and enjoy a magical day/night everyone! much 💛💖💛!! linda ☺️🙏🏻 “think big. think different. do you.” yeah!!! 😍🤘🏻#thedoingmeproject #followyourpath #followyourtruth #inspirationalbooks #mustreadbooks #mustreadbook #empoweringwoman #truthanddare #innerchildwork #innerchildhealing #believeinmagic #loveyourself💕 #selflovebook #doyoualways #doyou

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More book mail!! this time i got set the city on fire by @sophiapeony 😍 i now need a new bookshelf just for paperbacks of books i’ve edited! thank you doll! #bookeditor #mustreadbook #bookmail

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"one must always be careful of books," said tessa, "and what is inside them, for words have the power to change us."
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Stephen king and sunshine. also, cup of tea, not pictured. not too shabby for claire 😎

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Couldn’t be prouder to go to this book launch at books of wonder by union sq today at 6pm! come hear @shawnsarles talk and meet @orisa_the_frenchie.
available on amazon!
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My dad’s first book launched today! it’s on amazon, barnes & noble, & more! link below to amazon!

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