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A hope, a fantasy
a wish, a reality
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I turned 41 years old today. i've been sober for 1 year 21 days. this is also my 4th day of no nicotine. i'm celebrating today by working a 12 hour shift. life don't stop for grown folk, you know? i did wake up early and meditate for 20 minutes (baby steps) before i came to work today though. there is no "over the hill" because life is not a climb and a descent down the other side. it's just a climb, to the top, so if you're going downhill it's because you've decided to turn around and go backwards. it shouldn't be that way. no matter how old you are, keep climbing, keep growing, keep improving yourself. i'm just now learning how to do that, and i'm slowly learning to enjoy every step along the way.

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Thankyou for telling me that little things can also make long lasting memories.
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Why does the sun give so much without asking for anything in return? (and is that the secret to its infinite power?) . . .
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Now we've reached the part of my birthday celebration where i let myself be absolutely full of myself... wait. can't actually do that. anyway... 41 is feeling f*****g amazing today. the future looks great, and so do i, but i'm considering trying to improve this six pack in the next year. @natasha.welch, you might need reinforcements... #jwarrenwelch

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I am so very rarely enough for myself
most days i am the broken lines on my palm,
a sun stuck in the horizon, lamp light flickering indefinitely, unable to decide what it wants
but my friends remind me that each of the lines on my palm represent love and life, and future and destiny,
that meaning exists. that the sun will rise.
it does everyday. and until it doesn’t, each of the stars will keep me company. that the terror of the night will remind me to await the new day.
on all the days i feel as if i’m not enough
my friends tell me that i am enough for them
and that, most times
is more than enough.

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I never understood why
one must love oneself
before loving another
until i met you.
you did not think
you deserve love
so you would not 
let me love you.
and all i wanted to do
was love you.
incredible art by @cris_valencia
my first poetry book, unfollowing you, is now available for pre-order. link in bio 🤗💖

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"mistakes to repeat for a lifetime"

we still look at these stars.
the way i looked at you once.
despite knowing they'll never be ours.. •

only if you shared your scars,
i'd never let them,
hurt us.

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