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Vivienne westwood takes us on a stroll through #kunsthistorischesmuseum #vienna ✨ but before she sets off for a walk through the picture gallery, where she will tell us her thoughts about velazquez, bruegel, caravaggio and other masters, she has a statement to share: ‘buy less’. 🙌 listen to vivienne westwood and discover our museum from a special point of view! 👉
“magie der museen” (‚the art of museums‘), on screen today, 9 december, arte at 3.35 pm and online (swipe in our ig stories) and tomorrow, monday, 10 december, orf2 at 11.15 pm. #theartofmuseums
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Throw back naar deze fantastische verborgen eregalerij in @demesdagcollectie, waar @robinisoffline en ik zowel oude meesters als moderne kunstwerken bewonderden. de zindering van de zee is tot 6 januari te zien! .
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René magritte
‘la boîte de pandore (pandora’s box)’
oil on canvas
the belgian artist rené magritte is one of the major representatives of european surrealism. he invented a highly original art of figurative painting, depicting ordinary objects and figures in a realistic way but arranging them in mysterious compositions with enigmatic titles. in this painting, magritte depicts an urban landscape set against a flamboyant red sky. the back of a male figure, who wears one of magritte’s characteristic bowler hats, obstructs the view of the scene. the intense red sky and empty street, combined with the presence of the man whose face remains hidden and the presence of a white rose, contribute to the mysterious character of the painting. the title refers to the greek legend of pandora, the first woman on earth, who, driven by her curiosity, opened the casket filled by the gods with all the world’s evils, unleashing them upon mankind.
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The scott monument is iconic in edinburgh, the largest monument to a writer anywhere. climb it to see the best views in edinburgh and get your daily fitbit quota in at the same time! thanks to @focused.on.scotland for a cracking photo of our own power gothic rocket.

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Marc chagall
‘the v****n of the village’
oil on canvas
on view
thyssen-bornemisza national museum
during the years of the jewish holocaust, chagall painted numerous religious scenes of the christian tradition. in 1938, he made a crucifixion and shortly after he began to paint the v****n of the village of the thyssen-bornemisza collection. in 1940, during his temporary refuge in the provencal town of gordes, fleeing the threatening n**i advance to france through the netherlands and belgium, he continued to work on this ambitious canvas and repainted some of the areas that were already sketched. the painting was not completely finished until 1942 during the painter's stay in new york.
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Go | no go: nu te zien in het @centraalmuseum in utrecht: de solo-expo ‘eaten by non-humans’ van videokunstenaar janis rafa 🎥✨⁣

de titel van de tentoonstelling ‘eaten by non-humans’ verwijst naar het ‘niet-menselijke’; hiermee bedoelt rafa met name dieren. alle dog lovers opgelet: opvallend zijn de vele honden die telkens terugkomen in haar werk. rafa stelt telkens vragen over de hiërarchie tussen mens en niet-mens: heeft een niet-mens bijvoorbeeld ook gevoelens van liefde en verdriet? ⁣

naast haar films zijn er in het centraal museum ook enkele sculpturale werken te zien die – net als de videowerken – zijn geïnspireerd op de grote thema’s in het leven, met name de relatie tussen mens en dier en mens en landschap.⁣

benieuwd geworden? lees dan nu onze blog op (link in bio)⁣

📸: zaaloverzicht janis rafa, ‘eaten by non-humans’, centraal museum, utrecht ⁣

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Excuse me ma’am where can i get the black shawl you’re wearing? admiring the black shawl painting by henri matisse, 1917 #art #museum #storets #winterstyle #plaid

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Edward hopper
‘house at dusk’
oil on canvas
on view
virginia museum of fine arts
edward hopper’s evocative pictures of modern america have a haunting appeal, so firmly are they embedded in the cultural imagination. house at dusk, imbued with the artist’s defining themes of temporality and ambiguity, is one of the strongest and most lyrical oils of his mature career. the scene is set at the “exquisite hour” of dusk, that most transitional time of day. as in many of his works, hopper introduces a suspenseful narrative element with the figure of a woman silhouetted by artificial light, seemingly unaware of the subtle afterglow taking place behind her apartment house.
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Vasily kandinsky
‘improvisation no. 30 (cannons)’
oil on canvas
on view
the art institute of chicago
kandinsky’s paintings are, in his words, “largely unconscious, spontaneous expressions of inner character, nonmaterial in nature.” although improvisation no. 30 (cannons) at first appears to be an almost random assortment of brilliant colors, shapes, and lines, the artist also included leaning buildings, a crowd of people, and a wheeled, smoking cannon. in a letter to the chicago lawyer arthur jerome eddy, who purchased the painting in 1913 and later bequeathed it to the art institute, kandinsky explained that “the presence of the cannons in the picture could probably be explained by the constant war talk that has been going on throughout the year.” eventually, kandinsky ceased making these references to the material world in his work and wholly devoted himself to pure abstraction.
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