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#asc100films owen roizman, asc on his academy award–nominated work on the exorcist (1973): “this was the film’s signature shot…. technically speaking, it’s interesting how we had to do the lighting, because [director] billy [friedkin] insisted that the shade on the window be pulled down. well, if the shade is down and it’s opaque, how are you going to get a shaft of light out of it? we wound up building a platform behind the window frame, and we put a brute arc on it. we then backed the shade away from the window about six feet and lit it separately. by putting the arc to one side between the shade and the window frame, i could get a clean shaft of light that looked as if it was coming from the shade — although it was actually coming from between the shade and the frame. the shaft didn’t quite hit [max] von sydow, though, so i had a 2k lamp put down in the street directly behind his final position and aimed right at the camera — it’s actually in the frame. as he stepped into position, we brought it up on a dimmer. that created the aura, or halo, around him.” #ascmotionpictures #thisiscinematography

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#reptiles are often misunderstood – while they may not always look approachable, they're smart, beautiful & powerful 🐍
check out those awesome #snake pixaloops by some of our fave users! 💚 swipe through to check out the how-to for our version ➡️ .
credit goes to (in order of photos): @passthechloroform / pic by @greatlakesherpetology
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Thank you guys for 10,000 followers! never thought this would be even reachable when i first started posting covers on here. it’s amazing how much i’ve grown as a guitar player and how much people enjoy my videos. this means a lot to me and i’m super thankful that i have all of you guys supporting me. wouldn’t be possible without support from my family especially people like my brother, mom, and my awesome dad. my dad is the man i look up to everyday. also, can’t forget about you guys who support me on every video. this is my first rush song saved it for this special moment, here’s rush “tom sawyer” definitely an awesome classic! rush is just a band of very talented musicians that i dearly respect. hope you guys enjoy thanks for 10k followers never gonna stop playing and always gonna stay motivated! have a good day you guys!
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I’m the sweetest with a strong core, you can’t resist me! 🍫🎪🏋🏻‍♂️😋 taking unapologetically little bites of my favorite chocolate since 2016 but like with every bag he’s just too delicious to stop eating him up.
what is your favorite m&m colour and did you know there is a psychological explanation behind your pick?
if your fingers tend to gravitate towards bright ❤️ you’re confident, bold and passionate 💙 you live for excitement and unknown possibilities 🧡 you don’t play by any rules, do you? you’re wild and carefree 💛 is the least favorite color and life tends to go against your grain 💚 you’re highly attractive and sensual 💩🤭 you’re traditional and like to have everything in order, greetings from marie kondo 🙋🏻‍♀️. my little one looooves all and his mood switches literally every second. my favorite are red and brown though the explanation isn’t accurate, life is pretty messy and i only can dream of some kind of order and red is an ongoing learning curve, right? ☺️ #creativecloud_motion #ps_daydream

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🗣 life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all - helen keller
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i love this pic! i tried to post it yesterday, but instagram was down. worked in my favour though, as i could post this as a tbt 😄. see how god works lol!

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