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Soooo damm stressed and upset. baby has had a really bad cold he is teething and won't let me sleep at night. im sleep deprived and no amount of coffee can help. -
- -
-i know this is a touchy subject but anybody sleep train and their experiences? .....
feeling super emotional and overwhelmed... and nobody seems to even care what i am going through...
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Kijk deze boevenkop nou😂 jax is de laatste dagen echt aan het boeven en dat straalt van zijn gezichtje af 😂 ‘s nachts is hij ineens super onrustig en dat waren we niet gewend van onze slaapkop🙈 meestal gewoon klokje rond. vannacht echt compleet over zijn toeren snikken en al super zielig waarschijnlijk een enge droom ofzo😔 die doorkomende tandjes zijn ook geen feest van alles geprobeerd van chamodent, dentinox, kamistad baby (duitsland) bevroren bijtringen 😬 maar niets helpt echt voor mn gevoel 🙈 oh en die uber leuke @sleepyhead_benelux moet nu helaas uit zn bedje nu hij gaat klimmen dus nu word het een speel matje in mij slaapkamer zodat ik me lekker in alle rust kan opmaken... mama out genoeg gelult over deze heerlijkheid haha 😍 #momtalk #tandjesdrama #welcutedietweeondertanden #boef #groteboef #loveyou

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Remember that your struggles always lead to strength. that god will rescue you! though at this moment we can’t see god’s hands, we must be confident and not run. follow what we feel god is calling us too. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖
every difficulty in your life, whether big or small, is something god will use to produce more strength, faith and perseverance in you if you let him! all your pain has a purpose. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖”and we know that in all things god works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” romans 8:28

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Life’s meant to be played, not watched from the sidelines. be brave and courageous

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I recently took the kids to a @michaelsstores take your kids to work event. i love when my mompreneur and mom life combine! david and ilana were so happy they got to play with things that i don't have at home - like slime. i liked crafting at 1pm and having it be classified as “work”!

@michaelsstores just launched a website especially for kids. on you can shop for age-appropriate craft finds and creative toys that get the kids learning creating and into tech-free time! plus, you’ll start to see more toys and creative activities at michaels in-store, just in time for holiday shopping. i know you’ll appreciate the project inspiration on the website as much as i do because it gives mama loads of winter-winning ideas for the munchkins. ps tomorrow on the blog, i’ll be sharing two simple crafting ideas. stay tuned.

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The most glamorous part of my day is getting two little people to sleep. one of them is about 10x harder than the other. i’m gonna give you a hint on which one it is...the one who is still latched on to my n****e as though her life depended on it.
y’all. nursing a toddler is the most exhausting thing i’ve ever done. and i’m doing it again. for the second time. it’s like i’m held hostage by this tiny screaming human and i literally have zero idea how else to deal with it so i resort to the ultimate form of child comfort every time. which, i mean, is effective, but f*****g hell is it tiring. i’m 6-days post-cesarean and i feel like i have to be a pretzel at night time. keep the toddler sleeping so she doesn’t wake the tiny baby who sleeps like s professional. of course when the tiny baby gets hungry the toddler decides to start screaming, even if it’s 2am. the f*****g b**b radar. i’m not sure how much longer i’ll nurse her, but i know i’m too tired right now to try and change things, so i’ll continue on for a while. mommin’ ain’t easy, that’s for sure. #tandemnursing #toddlernursing #tandembreastfeeding #exhausting #glamorous #mommaglam #glamorouslife #glamorousmomlife #mamalife #reallife #nighttime #mommingatnight #realtalk #momtalk #parentingproblems

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Pumpkin patchin’ from the weekend // zoe is at the stage of wanting to dress herself and she’s got a love for the 80s and everything mismatched. she bought these shorts with her own money 🤣 bless my type a heart, but i gotta let zo express her individuality. any mamas feel me? #motherhood #mini #momtalk #fallvibes #mamaandme #ministyle #momstyle

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#tuesdaythoughts quickie teaser of what @lamommagazine & i talked about for @focustvnetwork today:
looking at ourselves in the mirror and appreciating our own beauty (and teaching our daughters to do the same early on) is not a bad thing.💕 our self-defeating and semi-whining attitudes about #parenting (ie: “it’s sooooo hard”) are becoming too go-to and killing much of our abilities to parent clearly with confidence.
today felt good.
to talk. to get dressed up. to remember *why* i started doing all this fab-mom-stuff in the first place... thank you for this small moment today, it made my week.🙌
full feisty convo coming soon.
and yeah that’s my book there for eye candy too.😜
spill something good in your world that happened today. #thefabmom

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When things go on sale, or go 1/2 off, i like to let you know!
these are not only cute w the added netting, but perfect to workout in, let’s you move, helps hold you in, great to squat in (they don’t go paper thin and show your u****s if you know what i mean ladies!🤣), and the color pops!
but- if the color is too bold for you, they come in black (which i need), and maybe red??... i just love pieces that aren’t boring!
let me know if you want the link to check them out and i’ll send them to ya! good quality is usually higher, but 1/2 off makes it more doable on the budget. ❌⭕️❌⭕️

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Bed time fresh. nothing like a clean, soft, squishy baby to squeeze! if only she would be more snuggly.. this girl is always on the go. i get my snuggles in where i can, but she only goes along with it (briefly) if she's really tired.
honestly though, getting this one ready for bed is like trying to dress an angry octopus. talk about a task! when she is ready for bed, any and all cooperation goes out the door. with that being said, this was a morning picture because she wouldn't be this content if it were bedtime. you can't believe everything you see on instagram 😂. #friendlyreminder #yourewelcome .
who is blessed with snuggly babies and who is team busy bee babies!?
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The journey this far has been full of twists, turns, and hills. it has brought me to a point where baby gets monitored twice a week. just another afternoon at the dr’s office. as i was sitting in the hair hooked up to machines i remembered the shirt i was wearing. it’s a reminder that no matter what happens i am strong 💪 and i always overcome. proud to be a badass motha @herlittlewolves

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On sale now! (swipe to see why this combo is a customer favorite!) burns fat. boosts your energy and nutrients. tastes like a pricy mocha cafe for less! i have 8 discount spots left this week. free shipping. bonus gifts. no further obligation (though you’ll love it so much you can totally keep your subscription) .
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🤷‍♀️ seems fitting since c and i have both been digging our heals in with trying to get the other one to do what they want. #lifewithathreeyearold

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👉🏼are you all comfort or style with shoes? or maybe a mix of both?

i recently raved about these sneakers in my instagram stories. i got them at target (no surprise there!) and they’re my kind of shoe. they’re comfy, simple, no frills, no fuss and under $40.
it got me thinking of a time i used to get excited about high heels and cute shoes 🤣 back in my pre-kid age when i actually had time and energy to get dressed up constantly.
not that moms can’t get dressed up in heels but for me i feel like heels are a thing of the past. if you still rock them after a couple kids you’re a magical unicorn 🦄 and i need to know your secrets!

what’s your favorite “mom shoe”? are you more likely to go for sneakers or slip ons👟 that are easy and comfy or are you daring and reach for something with a heel? 👠
#letschat #momtalk #targetdoesitagain

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Mommas out there! i’m calling you for help! i’m just curious if others experience this. i haven’t breastfed my son for 9 months now, and about 2-3 months ago i noticed my hair thinning. and now it’s to the point where i’m researching supplements. i’ve ordered collagen peptides and vitamins. apparently this is common as your hormones start to adjust as you lose your milk. anyone else experience this? #momtalk #hairthinning #didithappen #callingallmoms

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Sometimes as adults we forget how important a good adventure is to our sanity. may our littles be constant reminders. 💙 📸: @kidandkind

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This little munchkin. she’s 4. and i will be’s hard parenting a 4 year old.⠀

it was when she said to me, “if you don’t lose the attitude, you’re going in a time out”....and i literally heard my own words being used against me 🤦🏼‍♀️⠀

thank god she’s cute!⠀

but seriously, send help. imma need it!⠀
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I’m soooooo excited to announce that my bff @lil_miss_lyssa_ and i are starting a new podcast series! the fun starts this friday! eeeekkkkk! 🎉
we are two moms that will be talking real and raw about motherhood and about being a women. we will be releasing a podcast every friday (starting this friday!), so you can grab your glass of wine with us and hang as we’ll record our real conversations about different topics relating to all things about being a mom! so excited!
so i hope you follow along with us each friday! i’ll post the link on friday so you can tune in! .
who is going to be listening in!? follow our account for more updates.
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