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Instagram partnered with the @hispanicheritage awards to honor five young people with the first @instagram #mivoz #myvoice award at the kennedy center in washington dc. these 5 amazing latin influencers are @vivnunez @coldgamekelv @jillianmercado @miguelchavezokc @tatimcquay thank you to all my supporters and the instagram team for making this happen for us, it was truly such an honor and an extremely memorable occasion 🏆

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I’m super excited to share this moment with my @instagram family🦋 i am one of the recipients of instagram’s #mivoz #myvoice award. honored to represent all young latin voices through this amazing platform that we all share. follow my stories from the kennedy center this wednesday during the hispanic heritage awards @hispanicheritage 🙏🏼 @snapshotlopes 📸

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I’m so humbled to announce that i am one of 5 recipients of @instagram’s #mivoz #myvoice award at the @hispanicheritage awards, which were created by the white house to celebrate the contributions and accomplishments of leading latino individuals in various fields across the nation.
i’ll be flying out to d.c. for the next few days to partake in the festivities and i just feel speechless when i think about how much my life has changed over the past few years. thank you to every single person who has empowered me to share my story and has come along with me for this wild ride.
but it doesn’t matter how high you go if you don’t bring others up with you. so i just hope that when people read the pages that make up my life, they find hope, see that it’s possible to achieve regardless of the background you grew up in, and feel inspired to constantly strive to make a positive difference in the world around them.
much love! and i can’t wait to share the projects that are currently cooking with you all! ❤️📸: @snapshotlopes

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This video premiered at the #hha31 last night and i’m so thankful to both @instagram + @hispanicheritage for giving us the platform to share our stories. you can watch the full video on my igtv + share your voice on instagram using the hashtags #mivoz #myvoice!
also none of this would be possible without these kickass people: @idelosreyes, @mitzign, @catnap, @ashleyltuck, @dgeldwert, @coldgamekelv, @jillianmercado, @miguelchavezokc, @tatimcquay ❤️

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About last night...🌹 still can’t believe i was one of the first recipients of the instagram #mivoz #myvoice award at #hha31 🤧 thank you @instagram & @hispanicheritage for believing in me and making me feel so special :) *go check out my igtv!
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Todos piensan en cambiar al mundo, pero nadie piensa en cambiarse a sí mismo!!
colorido #tbt #mivoz #colombia #positivevibes

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Mañana en nuestro rincón estaremos unidos a la voz. @zonacolonialrd #misector #misderechos #mivoz #ley176-07 #mizonatienevoz

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Instagram partnered with the hispanic heritage awards (@hispanicheritage )to honor five young people with the first instagram #mivoz #myvoice award last night at the kennedy center in washington, d.c. these five amazing latinas and latinos include writer @vivnunez who shared her own experience losing her mother to empower other latinxs on instagram to talk about grief and vulnerability. @coldgamekelv started a meme with his “pet” deer that now has evolved into a non-profit, that raises funds to feed hungry people and also gathered supplies for puerto rican hurricane victims. @jillianmercado inspires other young people with disabilities by celebrating diversity in the fashion industry. @miguelchavezokc ,the first in his family to graduate high school, started an organization to help students embark on a clear path towards higher education. and @tatimcquay , a talented dancer and actor who encourages her latinx followers to help and support each other with kindness.
i extra love my job on days like this when i get to work with the most loving and badass team to create. shoutout to @torretakespictures and the team for making this video and being all around fantastic humans. @samdivine @mitzign @idelosreyes @dgeldwert @ashleyltuck -you rock my 🌍!!! besos!

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